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On dilemma over the registartion of political parties with the Election Commission September 22, 2008

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Election Commission has set the time limit for the registration of the political parties 15th October 2008. EC also set some preconditions for the registration of the political parties.
EC has gone through 3 phases of dialogue over the last months on the issue and trimmed down the propositions to accommodate the request of the political parties.
AL declared the acceptance of the RPO and said that the regulations are actually deducted from the recommendations put forward by the 14 party alliances to the Election Commission. AL has no objection to the conditions of registration and blamed BNP for creating unnecessary complexities.
BNP, Jammat-e-Islami and IOJ objected to the RPO and urged EC to withdraw the RPO. EC is relaxing the conditions to accommodate all the parties in the election and hopeful that BNP will join the election.[DS]
CEC in a press coverage yesterday exclaimed on Jammat and IOJ’s total rejection of the proposals though he said that in earlier two meetings they didn’t raise any major objection.
CEC also said that it has no scope to change the RPO further. Now, the responsibility lies with the political parties.

We hope that the political parties will accept the reality and submit themselves to the changed expectation of the people and of the country.

There is no logic to straightway reject the regulations, one can best suggest to modify or rectify one or more clauses if they found it against their ideals or impractical or impossible to materialize.

An ordinary citizen

RPO of contention[DS], AL yes to nearly all [DS], BNP no to all [DS]
EC relaxing the conditions for regstartion of the parties[DS]
Part registration process hits snag-BNP stillin dilemma [DS]


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