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Bangladesh at 10th in Transparency International 2008 report -expectation not fulfilled September 24, 2008

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Transparency International report on corruption has been published. Bangladesh is at 10th position from the bottom.

In Corruption Perception Inde (CPI) TI ranked 180 countries. Bangladesh at 147th rank with Russia, Syria and Kenya ( CPI score 2.1), Somalia at the bottom 180th CPI 1, Iraq and Myanmar second last position with CPI 1.3. 

Best score was done by Denmark, New Zeland and Sweden (9.3), then Finland, Swezerland (9.2). UK scored 7.7, USA 7.3, Japan 7.3, Malaysia 5.1, India 3.4, SriLanka 3.2, Pakistan 2.5.

 Bangladesh position was 7 in 2007. Before that , bangladesh was in number 1 position for 5 years consecutively. This time Bangladesh position is little improved but not significantly. People had more expectation of improvement in TI report than Bangladesh actually achieved.

The expectation was  created after 1/11 with  the agenda declared and effort given by the new care taker government to eradicate corruption in our country. But the effort couldn’t get the success because of lack of commitment from all sectors, weakess in the legal system, political complexity, biased attiude of the authorities etc or the very approach to combat the corruption was not scientific.

Still the litte progress we have made is to e considerd and the campaign that we have started is needed to be carried on in the coming years unabatedly.

We have learned that corruption couldn’t be eliminated by force rather the institutions-ACC, Judiary should have to be grown and let them work independently . Only then we can hope for a state of minimum corruption and a better place in TI report.

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