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Bangladesh, software programming and open source September 28, 2008

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I was listening to a discussion on NTV with Annana Raihan, CEO, Dnet and two other guests few days ago on the day declared as software day.

Bangladesh has great potentiality in software programming, only it is not exploited to its full extent. The universities,institutions, industries and government could not give adequate support to the nourish the talents.

Attempts are also going on to produce laptop at low price but problem will arise for the software. Now the software we use are costly. Only way to overcome this is to use the open source software. But it is not still popular among he users here. The curriculum, the teaching faculties and the mindset of our institutions are not still adequate for this.

As the piracy of the software will be lessened, there will be no option but to practice open source software which will be gradually popular like Wikipedia. Bangladesh also should go for that.

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Post script:
Dr. Mohammad Kaikobad discusses the ‘Programming skill of our youngs’ [PA]
Munir Hasan, GS, Banladesh Math olympiad Committee on programming potentias of our software firms [PA]
Reza Selim, Director, Technology Project for Amader Gram on “Broadband for all’ [PA]


1. Rezwan - September 29, 2008

The Uruguay government has taken a revolutionary step. With the help of some grants the Government is distribution the OLPC ($100 laptops) to hundreds of thousands of Uruguayan school children.

But to educate them using the PCs they need software. So they have engaged their local community to produce open source programs for these laptops.


It can be possible in Bangladesh too. We just need the vision and proper management.

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