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Let media engage political leaders in fruitful dialogue or debates on policy matters September 30, 2008

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Our political leaders most of the time remain engaged in thoughtless bickering against each other. Media could take strong role to change the culture and engage the political leaders in fruitful dialogue or debates on policy matters, on their own records and acheivments during their tenure of governance.

Topics may range from democratic elememts in the party constituion to role of the parties in recent floods. Debates could be arranged on or against the upazilla election ans so on. Different parties could be invited in the same table to understand their logic.

Media can also take initiative to arrange dialogue off the studio and in the community. BBC Bangla section is the pioneer in this regard. Our native channels should also involve themselves in this exercise.

Because of the lack of platform and lack of tradition political discussions become mere rhetorics and repitation of old words.

I enjoyed the first presidential debate between Obama and McCain on 27th September 2008 live. They are not only excellent in style, but rich in content. Debates are arranged throughout their primaries among different candidates.

Media may also come out of with factsheets after each
major debate or dialogue that is practice in developed countries.
For this media will also have to be independent,unbiased and true to the fact.

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