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Complexity developing over registration of political parties October 1, 2008

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BNP turns it back from registering itself with the Election Commission and 4 party alliance with jamaat-e- Islami put forward 5 conditions to fulfil before the registration.
The conditions are:
1. Withdrawal of the state of emergency
2. Scrapping of the PRO(amendment) 2008
3. Holding of the upazilla eletions after a reasonable interval of the national polls
4. Withdrawal of GATCO, NIKO and Barapukuria corruption cases and other false cases against alliance leaders
5. Release of all political leaders, activists and general people detained without specific charges before the Eid-ul-Fitr and withdrawal of all false cases against them.

The alliance also declared October 12 to observe demand day throughout the country. October 15 is the last day for the registration of the political parties.

The complexity started with the refusal of Jammat e Islami to comply with the registration process as some of the conditions directly contradict with it’s constitution and party fundamentals.

CEC in a press briefing also rebuked the position of the Jamaat few days back but he didn’t foresee the gravity of the situation then.

CEC told yesterday that EC has nothing to do with the BNP’s 5 point demand.

In the meantime,AL also raises demand to release Hasina fully and threatens to start movement.

The total situation is becoming complex and the hope that was created earlier by the declaration of general election is now mixed up with uncertainty.

It is important as how the government and political parties behave in the coming days that will determine the future of democracy in this country.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
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1. Miles - October 1, 2008

Both the political partied are taking advantage of the current government. The legitimacy of the CTG hinges on not only the fairness of the coming election but also in the participation of both AL and BNP. Am I the only one who thinks that the situation is quickly turning into a political blackmail where both the parties will try to get the most advantage from the CTG before it goes to polls. I am sure both the parties will go into the elections claiming that they are not entirely ‘happy’, so that they have something or someone to blame when they lose. It’s the same old politics all over again.

2. Global Voices Online » Bangladesh: Impediments for election - October 2, 2008

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3. Mac Haque - October 3, 2008

Evidently some people think that our politicians are now wielding the ‘lathi of advantage’ over the CTG. Nothing can be more hazardpus, and fact is this is more than a Catch 22 situation.

While Sheikh Hasina maybe think that Khaleda Zia is ‘free’ and she is a ‘captive in free air’, the truth is Khaleda is captive to the whims and largesse of the Jamaat and CTG.

Sheikh Hasina will be unable to return – and the next 4 weeks will decide – if we will really have an election. Chances are very slim. There is nothing that can be forecasted in the intervening.

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