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Where is the vision for 2020 for Bangladesh? October 5, 2008

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I was reading the book ‘India 2020 -A vision for the new millennium’ written by Abdul Kalam, father of Indian Space science and former President of India and Y S Ranjan way back in 1998. In this book they sat the vision for India to be achieved by 2020.

The book is actually based on the findings of Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC). About 500 experts of industry,academia,laboratories and government administration were deeply involved in the excercise. Experts and socially aware persons were also participated. about 500 people contributed indirectly through responses to questionnaires and other inputs.

They asserted that ‘a developed India by 2020 or even earlier is not a dream’. After 10 years of the publication of the book India is firmly advancing to that goal.

In the book the authors explore different sectors of the Indian economy and discusses the potentiality, progress and plan to achieve the goal of every sector including food, agriculture & processing, materials including as titanium, aluminum etc, Chemicals including petrolium products, drugs, agrochemicals, textile, manufacturing computer, software, engineering, electronics, transport agents, services covering health, tourism, cultural activities , strategic industries -defense supplies, space programs,nuclear program, Prithvi missile system , Countrywide infrastructure etc.

Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed in the early months of his government said that they will publish a guideline for vision 2020 or 2030 for Bangladesh but so far we have not seen any of such publication at the end of his tenure and we have not seen any exercise of the intellectuals or experts in this regard throughout the past months.

It is said that Bangladesh would become a mid-income country by 2020. But where is the vision? Where is the detail analysis of the situation, identification of the problems, defining the strategies? Where is the enthusiasm, cohesion of aspirations and unification of political and social forces?

An ordinary citizen


1. Aminul Islam Sajib - October 6, 2008

We, the public, always want a better developed Bangladesh. But this is bad luck of Bangladesh. Whoever gets seated in the power of government, just starts thinking how to make corruptions.

Just trying to imagine what will be the future of our country.

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