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Transformation of Jamaat-e-Islami to register with election commission & to conform with the RPO October 21, 2008

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One of the interesting development of the political process in Bangladesh is the submission for registration of Jamaat-e-Islami with Election Commission.

Jammaat -e-Islami was vehemently against the registration with the election commission and was instrumental for the delay of registration of BNP with the commission which was creating an uncertainty about the holding of election peacefully and with the participation of all parties.

Jammaat-e-Islami refused to sit with the EC in the second round of dialogue. EC then said that it will not extend the opportunity to JI for any further dialogue. But the changing political situation and release of Khaleda, EC offered BNP to sit with them. BNP gave condition that it will sit if its allies are also allowed to sit with them.

EC arranged a third round of dialouge where BNP and JI and IOJ were allowed to sit separately. JI refused to registrar with the EC and demanded to wipe out the RPO in its dialouge with the EC. CEC in his press briefing even mocked the stand of JI saying that this party in its first dialogue accepted the RPO but now in the month of Ramazan, who portrayed them as Islamic parties are denying its earlier stand.

JI seems to be initially adamant in its stand and could keep BNP from registering though BNP has no hindrance to register with the EC.

On the last moment both BNP and JI changed their stand and requested EC to extend the deadline for registration from 15th to 20th October 2008. On the last day of registration, both the parties submitted the application along with their constitution.

Constitution of both the parties were changed to conform with the revised RPO to fulfill the precondition of the EC.

The interesting changes that JI made are
a)to change of the name of itself from Jammat -e- Islami,Bangladesh to Bangladesh Jammat -e Islami.
b) to acknowledge the sovereignty of Bangladesh and its constitution
c) to recognise the role of freedom fighters in the independence of Bangladesh
d) to allot seats for women in the executive committees
e) to accomodate non-muslim members to give it a non-communal image, etc.

For details, please see Prothom Alo of 21 October 2008.
Daily Star of 21 October 2008
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