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Let the constitutional bodies work autonomously and independently October 23, 2008

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Bangladesh is passing through a very critical transitional phase.Apparently Caretaker Government and political parties are trying to making grounds to participate in a parliamentary election on a common consensus.

In an attempt to making a level playing field, the course of law sometimes seems to be molded to suit the plan of the negotiators. In a recent interview, Dr. Kamal Hussain, eminent lawyer & politician, commented that for a free and fair election, one must uphold the constitution and the law.

In addition to the separation of the Justice Department, the CTG also make reforms in some other constitutional bodies such as ACC, PSC. Now, what is important is to let these bodies continue to work independently now and in the coming years through the tenure of the different political parties.

A consensus is important among the political parties in these regard before the election and the dialogue among the parties better be represented by the chief of the parties.

An ordinary citizen


1. robin - October 24, 2008

The situation is getting worse nowadays. I doubt about the possibility and anyways nice post.

2. xanthis - October 25, 2008

I am definitely one of those citizens who find no alternative of letting the constitutional bodies act autonomously. But I am also one of those people who don’t want to dishonor the rights, consciousness and sentience of ours, by making any demand to this present undemocratic and unelected government. We already have seen the impudence and shamelessness of this government that doesn’t feel comfortable to proceed without a bold legal enforcement like state of emergency. So that will be our bad if we demand such a thing to them which really has a high meaning unreadable to the think tanks of the present government.

When everybody started raising voices for suing war criminals, I told that a government that cannot lead a police force strong enough to hold the shotgun from being snatched by a protester in front of Baitul Mubarrak, moreover a regime that even forgot to take breathe after DU-JU-CU students chased them here and there in August last year and finally ended up to raiding their houses at midnight while all of us were sleeping, are not the one to sue war criminals. Suing war criminals are not like acting in the way a dad intervenes the quarrel between his three years old boy and four years old girl who hit the other two weeks ago. Its a serious thing, that is only to be done by the political and elected governments. If we will have to wait another hundred years, we will have to. If we cannot have our politicians hearing our voices much sincerely, we will make them hear. But we should be no more imprudent to demand any serious thing to a government who suddenly at a midnight informed the President that they’re here to save us by kicking all politicians to jail. We don’t want them to save us but quit as soon as possible by carrying out a free and fair election, the option that will be right choice for them.

3. xanthis - October 25, 2008

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