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Voice of citizens’ group rising in Bangladesh October 26, 2008

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Bangladesh is a country where the people are crazy like anything for politics. A major part of their days are passed in reading, listening, discussing and gossiping on politics and political news.

Most of the people either follow one of the big political parties. Many of them ‘religiously’ follow the dictations and deliberations of their leaders. This rigid following not only present among the common people but also also in the bureaucrats, professionals and businessmen. Even among the so called intelligentsia and journalists, the identity of an individual is most of the time labeled along a party line. In a very few instances you can say that someone is not affiliated physically or mentally with a particular party. Probably there are reasons for this partisanship.

But there are independent citizens group whose voice is rising with time. The literates and common people as well are giving heed to their opinion. One of the such citizen groups is Shujon ( Citizens for Good Governance). Professor Mujaffar Ahmed,an economist and a former professor of Institution of Business Administration(IBA),a prestigious academy of Bangladesh is leading the group. He is ably supported by Dr. Badiul Alam Majumder as General Secretary of the organisation. There are many other organisations among the citizens beside the group. Their presence and messages are evident through talk shows, interviews in the electronic and print media, articles and websites. One of such website is hosted by Shujon is worth visiting http://www.votebd.org/

In the last few years, there is boom of the electronic TV channels in Bangladesh. Now there are a dozen of TV channels working in the country. Many were skeptics about their survival at the beginning. But now these electronic channels are working as a bridge between the independent thinkers and the people. Though the politicians are also taking the advantage of the media, people get the opportunity to listen to the alternative voices, analysis of the events, review of the socioeconomic problems and fear & prospect of the country. People now could compare the rhetorics of the politicians and analysis of a university professor/professoinal/expert on the subject.

One of these independent group is TIB- Transparency International Bangladesh. They are working to expose the state of corruption in different sectors in Bangladesh. With time, their findings are more reckoned with by the people and the government. The interviews and articles of the General Secretary of the the organization Dr. Eftekharuzzaman are thought provoking.

The leading newspapers are also organizing round table conferences on different issues related to politics, social issues and economic problems where the voices of the independents are gradually rising.

With the rise of the voices of the independent citizens group, people will able to see the situation of the country more analytically and will be able to take more realistic decision for themselves and for the country in the future.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:

Politicans must learn or face return of 1/11, says Dilara Chowdhury, Poltical Scientist and Professor of Jahangir Nagar University[DS]


1. Ibne Siraj - October 27, 2008

The ordinary citizen is surprised seeing the deep interest of Bangladeshi people in politics and political news. There is nothiing to be surprised as the history of the people of this region is a history of struggle over centuries. They fought against the British, the Pakistanis and then different autocratic regimes of Bangladesh. Their dream is yet not fulfilled, it is shattred over and again but they will continue to remain addicted to politics until that dream is achieved. Dreaming and keeping deeply attached with politics is part of the struggle of their life.

2. Global Voices Online » Bangladesh: Liberal Voices on the rise - October 28, 2008

[…] follow the dictations and deliberations of their leaders. However, An ordinary citizen reports that the voices of the liberal citizens’ groups are growing in Bangladesh. Posted by Rezwan […]

3. Bangladesh Corporate Blog - October 29, 2008

Indeed, the Web 2.0 has faciliated the emergence of various consumer groups in Bangladesh too. Its high time that Bangladeshi companies establish conversations with their consumers and the latter group has a say in the activities of those corporates.

4. bdoza - October 30, 2008

I agree with Corporate Blog. Banglasdeshi Companies should establish more communication with the consumers.

The same approach may be taken by the political parties to be in contact with the people and to incorporate the opinion of the citizens and citizen groups in their process of development.

5. MD. FERDAUS AMIN - November 28, 2008


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