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Re-demarcation of the constituencies, the critics & the ultimate judgment November 3, 2008

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Election Commission was insisting on the re-demarcation of the constituencies from the beginning. It argues that re-demarcation is the constitutional obligation on the Election Commission which was not done over many years. Re-demarcation is necessary to distribute the population uniformly among the different constituencies.

The politicians and political parties were vehemently against the re-demarcation. They said that re-demarcation will bring unnecessary complexities and will hinder the election process. The talk show experts and many of the political analysts  were also against the re-demarcation. They were afraid that the process may create legal complexity and may be a trick by the government or the election commission to delay the election.

The EC was rigid on its stand regarding re-demarcation. They said that if the judgment goes against the will of Election Commission, they will appeal in the supreme court. However, as the judgment by the High Court goes in favour of them, as they thought, now EC declared the schedule for the general election.

Now, it is clear that the political parties and their leaders stood against the -re-demarcation for their own advantage to keep their old constituencies intact so that they can calculate their in-favour votes and be ensure about the win from the constituencies.

The ultimate judgment on the re-demarcation proves the prudence of the Election Commission and it boost up people’s confidence in their capability to hold a free and fair election on 18th December 2008.

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