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BNP shouldn’t boycott the general election November 5, 2008

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BNP is still in dilemma whether to join the general election or not. The permanent committee of BNP sat yesterday to discuss over the matter but they couldn’t come to a decision. The meeting urged the government to accept BNP’s 7 point demand before joining the election:

But it was thought that BNP has taken the strategy of delay -delaying for creating pressure for the registration of the Jamaat e Islami. But the indecision of BNP remain continues even after the registration.The indecision continues even after the other parties of 4 party alliances decided in favour of joining the election.

BNP will make a unforgivable mistake if it does not join the election. We hope that BNP will understand the reality of the situation. People want all the parties to participate in the election. If BNP washed away the opportunity to
take revenge of the AL’s stand on 22 January 2006, it will be a mistake.
The better option would be to join the election. BNP, though, shakened by the different steps taken by the caretaker government, has good base of support throughout the country. If it wholeheartedly tries to organize the party , it will not be impossible for them to give a good fight in the election and even to win.

The ordinary citizen, believes that an election with participation by all will only ensure the the continuation of democracy in Bangladesh.

An ordinary citizen

Post -script:
6 November 08:4-party alliance demands fresh poll schedule [DS]
7 November 08: BNP is still undecided[DS]


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