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An Obama and Bangladesh November 12, 2008

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Many people of Bangladesh were keenly following the events of election in USA. The ordinary citizen is also not an exception.

He was observing how a black man of African-American origin hopes with audacity to challenge the white dominance in the American politics. It was unthinkable to see him defeat Hillary Clinton, a former first lady  well versed on American Government and politics.

After Hillary conceded her defeat ending the longest run in democratic nomination, the ordinary citizen observed how wonderfully Obama tries to accommodate Hillary in the convention, staging a voting for nomination in the convention which cut short by Hillary herself and making Hillary the key speaker in the convention. It was also wonderful to see how gracefully Hillary accepted the defeat and urged the supporters to unite behind Obama to win the presidential race for democrats.

Obama then started the uphill task of presidential campaign overcoming the criticism of being terrorist, of spreading socialism or to be a hidden muslim. A Sarah Pollen and other Republicans called him by every word in the dictionary. But how gracefully he left aside all the criticisms and won the heart of the Americans and the people of the world.

The rise of Obama symbolizes the present America, a nation of all colour and creeds where the value for human qualities judged supreme by the people participated in maximum number in the history of America. 

But equally important -how Bangladesh will be affected with the win of Obama. It is said that there will be no major policy shift regarding Bangladesh. Bangladesh already maintains a good relation with USA. USA is the major export market for garments of Bangladesh. A good part of remittance in also coming from USA. But the idea of Obama of shifting military thrust from Iraq to Afghanistan and north-west border area of Pakistan may bring the war on terrorism closer to Bangladesh. USA will always keep an eye on the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Bangladesh. Bangladesh will continue to hold the strategic  importance of being close to rising super powers of China and India. It is hoped that USA under Obama will support more democratic practice in the statehood and watch the human rights situation in the country. It is though Democrats are more protectionist in their trade and business. They are more concern for the labour rights. So they will press Bangladesh to maintain the rights of the laborers in Bangladesh factories. Though the economic crisis in USA and the world will affect the buying capacity of the people, but Bangladesh garments may escape the affect because it usually supplies the essential low cost garments. Obama will address the climate change differently than Bush and will try to play due role in lessening the carbon combustion in USA. Hope he will address the bio-fuel controversy and take steps to  prevent food crisis that affect the people of the developing country most. Will he take special steps to reduce  poverty in USA, in Africa and in the world ? Will he recognize and utilize the the effort of  Dr. Yunus ans others in reducing poverty in Bangladesh and other countries?

We hope that coming of an Obama to power in USA will change conflicting war strategy of USA, revive the economy in USA and the world and will bring an air of peace and  cooperation and give the USA and the world a more civilized look.

An ordinary citizen


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