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Possibility of dialogue between two leaders is virtually zero November 13, 2008

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.
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Suddenly the proposal for dialogue between two top leaders of AL and BNP, Sk. Hasina and Khaleda Zia again surfaced. This time the proposal is put forward by some ambassadors who feel concern at the political development in Bangladesh. Different groups and individuals are also showing their interest in the dialogue. Sk. Hasina responded first with positive nod and from AL it is said that the dialogue should be on definite agenda. Khaleda Zia also nodded positively iin response but BNP said the dialogue should be without agenda and all issues should be open for discussion.

The proposal was also observed with enthusiasm by Hussain Zillur Rahman, Spokesman and Adviser of the Caretaker Government. He hopes that dialogue should take place between two leaders on all the important issues for a real democratic development in Bangladesh.

Ashraful Islam, acting general secretary of AL said that the agenda should be to hold election on 18th December. regarding election environment, post election state etc. Some of the issues which interests AL not oly contradicts with BNP and also with the Government.

The ordinary citizen feels that it will not be rational to think that two leaders would sit together before the participation of BNP in the election is ensured.

An ordinary citizen


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