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BNP is technically on the wrong foot November 15, 2008

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BNP is still bargaining to fulfil the 7 point demand from the government before they join the election. But the Caretaker Government still didn’t commit itself to accept the demands. Accepting the demands would be against the long standing of the government.

It is not sure whether the date of the general election will be defered.If it is at all deferred , the date cannot tbe shifted beyond 31st December 2008. Dr. Shahdin Malik, an eminenet lawyer of Supreme Court said yesterday that the government cannot defer the date as it is legally bound to hold the election by DEcember 2008. Ithad submitted an undertaking to the court in this regard.

The other members of the 4-party alliance are willing to participate in the election. The highest decision making body of Jamaat e Islami Mujlish e Shura already have taken decision in fabour of participation. The decision was also supported by the central working committeee of JI. In addition, Jammat leaders Matiur Rahman Nizami and Ali Ahsan Mujahid also took bail from the high court on the plea that they will participate in the general election. Jammat is emphasing participation to consolidate their support among genearl population after EC recognised them as a legal political party. To legalise them strategically become more important on the face of opposition of Sector Commander Forums to boycott them in the election. It will be hard for them to come back if they leave the field without challenge. It is assumed that JI will ultimately participate in the election even BNP denies to.

Professor Mujaffar Ahmed, economist and citizen group leader said that the election in no way should be delayed. The delay may provoke peoples’ wrath on the government. He added that an election can’t be delayed as a party could not take adequate preparation. The government has declared the election date long before. It delay will create confsuion regarding the commitment of the government to the election.

It is true that party leaders and party activists of BNP are eager to compete in the election and they have already started campaign at the grassroots level.

NOw, if the party takes decision aganst the participation, many of the BNP leaders will particpate as an independent candidates or under other party banner.

As the people are waiting for an election to be held as soon as possible and party leaders and activists are in dilema, BNP will embrace the same fate as that of city corporations election.

It will be better for BNP to take a posiitve decision in favour of election. The sooner the better. There will be no derth of candidtaes for BNP in the both general and upazilla elections. The people will prefer clean, non-corrupt new faces in the coming election.

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