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Caretaker Government in Bangladesh draws the final line for election November 15, 2008

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The council of advisers at last sat in the evening to draw a line regarding election. After the meeting Dr. Zillur Rahman, spokesman and adviser to the caretaker government conveyed the decision to the media in a press conference.

He cleared the confusion regarding the date of general election and said that it will be held on 18th December 2008 as declared earlier.
Regarding the withdrawal of emergency, he said that Government has already relaxed the emergency, is considering to relax it more after the submission of nomination and is thinking of fully withdrawing the emergency before the general election.

Regarding RPO he said that government has made necessary amendments to it.

The re-demarcation of the constituencies, he said, already uphold by the High Court and there is no scope for further controversy regarding this.

Regardng upazilla election, he said, it was decided to be held after the general electionon on the request of the political parties.

Regarding level playing field, he said that government has made necessary transfers and adjustment in the administration to make the election fair and neutral.

Zillur hopes that the political parties will overcome the present political transition with vision.

In immediate reaction, BNP General Secretary Delwar Hussain rejected the government stance and opined that the government didn’t any heed to their 7 point demands.
On the other hand, AL Acting Secretary General Ashraful Islam said that they are taking all out preparation to participate in the election of 18th December 2008.

Now, it is time to see how people react to the final announcement of the election.

An ordinary citizen

Election shall be held on 18th December 2008 [PA]

Emergency may go after election [DS]


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