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Grassroots recommendation,political parties & ultimate nomination December 6, 2008

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One of the steps taken by the Election Commission arouses glimpse of hope in the minds of ordinary citizens is the regulation to selecting the ultimate candidate for parliamentary election from the proposal of grassroots members of the party.

Accordingly AL took the initiative and completed the rituals and ultimately the parliamentary board made the nomination mostly on the basis of grassroots recommendation. There were few exceptions also.

But when BNP decided to join the election, they decided to select their nomination on the basis of the list they prepared for their election of 1/22/2007 and the role of the leaders after 1/11. In selecting their candidates,they didn’t even consider background of corruption and conviction of their leaders. They stayed in their old mindset.An Election Commissioner also encouraged the idea by saying that it is not mandatory for this election
to nominate the candidates on the basis of grassroots recommendation as said in the RPO.

AL protested the comment and said that an Election Commissioner is favoring a particular party. AL became a bit worried seeing the big stalwarts in the list of BNP candidates and AL itself started to change the nomination previously preferred and replaced them with big businessmen of their own allegiance.

It would have been better if EC could impose this RPO regulation of selecting the nomination from the grassroots recommendation.But that is not going to happen this time.

An ordinary citizen


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