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Judiciary frustrates the Election Commission December 21, 2008

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A chamber judge of the appellate division of Supreme Court has ordered Election Commission to accept nominations of some convicted candidates recently after the final list of candidates were published by the Election Commission.[PA]The candidatures were earlier rejected by the EC as they were convicted for more than 2 years by the special court.

One of such candidates is Lutfuruzzaman Babar, Ex State Minister for Home who was convicted for seventeen years for keeping unathorised weapon in his possession. He has half a dozen more case against him.

The oder of the higher court has made the work of EC difficult.

Chief Election Commissioner in his reaction said that they will have to follow the order of the higher court. But the court has taken them as superman and they could accomodate any instruction at any time and even if it comes on the day of election they will accommodate.
When asked by the journalists whether court does not want election, he replied better to ask the court.[PA]

This court a few days back rejected the appeal of Nazmull Huda on the same ground and the Chief Justice along with two judges of the Supreme Court came to a decision that no more convict or loan defaulters will be allowed to compete in the election as the final list of candidates is published.

Interestingly one of the judges who was in the decision making in the morning later went against his own decision in the evening.[PA]

So far 21 new candidates will have to accommodate newly in the ballot papers. Old ballots of lakhs of Taka have to burn out and new ballot papers are required to publish. The complexity creates tremendous pressure on the EC and they are frantically searching the way out.

When the whole nation is waiting for a fair and free election and EC is trying to make a qualitative change in our system, the higher judiciary frustrates the Election Commission.

Along with the EC, people are also feeling frustrated. The frustration is magnified as the non-cooperation is coming, otherwise, from the seat of confidence. Here lies the agony of the common people.

An ordinary citizen


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2. Rezwan - December 21, 2008

The Chief Election Commissioner’s statement was remarkable. He found a way to criticize the courts arbitrary decisions without teh contempt of the court.

The whole episode of putting these alleged politician without proper process (although there were investigation and evidence) and their getting out because of that faulty process seems like making a mockery of the judicial system. This has questioned peoples trust on the judiciary. There should be some legal action against those who proceeded with these faulty processes and made all these a zero sum game.

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