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Towards a Digital Bangladesh December 23, 2008

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Bangladesh is resounding with the target of achieving of digital Bangladesh. In this election days, AL, one of the major political parties,first declared vision 2021 with the aim to develop Bangladesh into a digital country by that the next decade. BNP also added that they started the program in their tenure and will complete it earlier. More than a month ago, the Bangladesh Computer Council also organized a computer fair with the theme ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

A country goes digital means it will be an e-state means all its activities of governance, commerce,education,
agriculture etc will be powered by computer and internet.

It is easy to speak such a dream, but are we committed to achieve this dream? One of the reasons why our country didn’t become digital by this time is because of lack of commitment on the part of our political leaders.

A very first step for ‘Digital Bangladesh’ would be to spread the ICT education throughout the country. Every primary and secondary students should have access to the computer and computer based education. Mid level education & short term training should be readily available throughout the country and higher level education on computer sciences should be qualitative.

Internet facilities should be made available to the remotest corner of the country and at a cheaper rate. There are countries where the use of internet is free. The speed of the internet must be maximum to get the benefit of the time.

A tremendous effort should have to be made and continued in application of the computer and internet by both private and public offices,institutions & organisations in the coming years.

Market is to be broadened in and outside the country in software, outsourcing and programing.

Hardware plant are also needed to be established in our country. For this necessary contact with the international giants and investment will be required to be made.

The caretaker government has tried to give a good support to the establishment of ICT in our country.

We hope that the next governments would keep that trend continued.

An ordinary citizen

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2. Md. Amiruzzaman Palash - December 26, 2008

New generation voters need change,Digital Bangladesh is our demand. And SHEIKH HASINA Committed to build up a DIGITAL BANGLADESH and declared VISION -2021. SO we should believe her .Defiantly New generation voters can change the outcome of the election & build up a DIGITAL BANGLADESH by Casting the Vote for NOWKA (BOAT) on 29 December 2008

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4. captainjohann - January 9, 2009

Most of the guys who work in bangalore are bengalies who escape from their Left ruled state. Bengalies are famous for innovation.Hope your country succeeds.

5. sh chapol - January 13, 2009

we wana making a ngo for digital bangladesh.
IEDB ( it education for digital bangladesh) .
plz give us some information for your kindness.

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7. Zakir Sajib - July 3, 2009

forget about digital bangladesh. we need to improve our basic needs not basic dreams.
Education, health, transportation ,Electricity power, water supply, corruption reduction and finally morality.

digital bangladesh wont give us real benefit unless we improve our basic needs not wants or dreams.
So focus only those when u reach a standard level then u can think digital bangladesh.

8. Md. Razib Hossain Khan - August 12, 2009

We appreciate the idea of digital Bangladesh And I always welcome the new govt. and their activities. But Firstly we should solve our preliminary problems.

9. Md. Mazharul Islam - August 19, 2009

The process should be fast & fruitful…. I hope we’l reach 2 the success

10. Md. Moshiur Rahman - October 3, 2009

To succed the target of making a digital Bangladesh the govt. should first take initiative to ensure electricty all over the country.

11. farhana - December 9, 2009

the gvt nd to thr point of view…

12. boondhu - May 24, 2010

We are participating in a role to speed up the target of Digital Bangladesh. This Twenty first century people are not traditional & don’t want to bound by family wishes & society pressure .This is the time of communication technology to proper use.If the family bound someone to marry with inspected people then the family don’t run so fast and get mentally weakness of them. So we are trying to help people to make relation,marriage by making friendship & choices from large numbers of list.

People are so busy to reach their target and live .They don’t get enough time to select the right partner & sometimes if they get but both cant be agree in the traditional way.So we are helping the busy people to make a nice family with his/her partner.

This is totally free to registration and 100% real profile by the clients.

13. GHOST - August 11, 2010

Good Thinking @boondhu, and @ the govt. they really need to speed up their works…Fine 2021 is the target for Digital BD, another 10 years, dude they must be crazy, by that time other countries will settle in MOON or MARS….we cannot fixed the time for NATIONAL VOTER CARD or ID CARDs, when I tried to recover my ID card they said it might take 6month to 1 yr, they even not sure wht to do next….and they (the GOVT.) think a Digital BD in 10 years, I think that DREAM will be just a DREAM…. 😦 Another, thing we are still dependent on the govt. why dont we go for charity and make a better country and move on…rather then thinking what the govt. will do next.
1 more think….Our govt. are not that well educated, if they were educated they would have understand….how to get Rich by themselves and the country itself. If the COUNTRY (BD) is RICH then they are powerful and will LAST LONG….then they will get MORE VOTES, its Simple…MAKE PPL HAPPY….MAKE URSELF HAPPY… 🙂

14. Abdul Mannan - April 26, 2011

Get online support and take part to make Digital Bangladesh. For more details visit: http://onlinevision-bd.com

15. imran - July 30, 2011

idea is great..
but first of all we need to create a positive mind to reach at the vision..
and it is merely possible when we will be honest enough to each other..

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