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Is a bipartisan government possible in Bangladesh? December 28, 2008

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Though in the past context, it is not possible to even imagine a bipartisan government, but the bipartisan government is the call of the time for Bangladesh to achieve the goals Bangladesh aspire to achieve in the coming years.

To achieve the target of mid-income country by 2020 and an stable democracy, Bangladesh needs to come to a political consensus in relation to some major issues.

Bangladesh needs to continue its democratic practice without interrupting the economic activities.So, consensus regarding strikes,blockade, shutdown are to be mabe among the political parties.

Consensus on the independence of the constitutional bodies such as EC, ACC, PSC, etc are also mandatory. The present caretaker government tries to make these institutes autonomous and the next governments needs to continue this in a better form.

Consensus is also needed to make the parliament effective. The opposition is needed to give the floor to express their views, the members of all parties should be allowed to cross the floor on issues except the impeachment of the government. The opposition members should be given due share in parliamentary committees.

The judiciary is needed to be more strengthen. Though the Judiciary is separated from the executive, it is not yet independent. The expectations of the people is not yet fulfilled. Politicians, bureaucrats and ordinary people as well must have the privilege to face an independent judiciary.

The recruitment for employment or distribution of privileges by the government should be transparent and on a declared standard policies. The earlier governments corrupted their recruitment system-people were deprived of their rights and opportunities.

Many challenges are ahead for Bangladesh as a nation. Still it is one of the poorest country of the world, ranked in the lower tyre of the underdeveloped countries. 40% of the population is under poverty level, 45% of the children are undernourished, the country is technologically lagging behind, industrially underdeveloped etc.

If we consider poverty is our opposition and underdevelopment is our enemy, than it would be better if we could form a bipartisan government after the election.

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