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No consensus on national issues before election December 28, 2008


It was expected that the political parties would sit together before the election to have a consensus on the national issues but that didn’t happen despite the people’s aspiration.

Some of the advisers of the caretaker government tried to convince Hasina and Khaleda to sit together. Though initially both the leaders consented to sit together for a dialogue but ultimately that couldn’t be materialized for different political uncertainties. Barrister Rafiqul Hoque, the attorny of both the leaders for their cases in the higher court under emergency rule, who proposes the idea, later abandoned.

But more importantly, though the people, citizen groups and media were eager to see a dialogue held on national issues, but the parties were not sincerely think over the matter.

National issues such as recognising the reform processes of the present caretaker government, making the parliament effective, not calling hartal uncecessarily to jeopardise the public life and economic development, keeping the judiciary independent, continuing the ACC, EC, PSC as autonomous bodies etc,

The minimum consensus on national issues was necessary. It would have been easy if the dialogue on national issues happened before the election. Though the discussion after the election is not impossible, but as the loser in election in our country does not usually accept the result, the opposition tries to noncooperate with every effort of the government, developing a consensus among the political parties will be difficult.
But we hope that the culture will be changed this time and all will accept the verdict of the people and a national consensus may be developed in the first sessiond of the parliament.

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