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Bangladesh votes for change December 29, 2008

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10 pm, 29 Dec 2008

Early signs shows that AL and its alliance is going to have a landslide victory.
Bangladesh votes for change. People voted against the incumbent, against the corruption, against terrorism, against partisan politics. They opted for a long term change in the politics and governance of the country.

The new generation played a crucial role.They prefer the candidates over the parties.

Voters turned out in record numbers, more than 70%, an achievement in any standard.

People observe that this election is likely the best in Bangladesh. Peace and discipline was maintained to the best of expectation.

Voter list with photo perfectly supports the national event.

Election Commission deserves appreciation for the work they have done. They have shown tremendous perseverance and commitment to deliver a fair election. All the doubts against them about their neutrality and efficiency proved futile.

AL chief Hasina urges for calm and not to go for any procession or festivities until the final result is officially declared. So far all the result are unofficial.

BNP is hesitant to accept the result without complain. They are complaining of irregularities, vote rigging and harassment of their workers in many centers

People rejected Jamaat-e-Islami for its anti-liberation stand. Very few of their candidates may come out successful. May be none.

Alliance of Jatiya Party with AL will bring JP some good.

Some leaders of the left leaning parties may come to the parliament as a part of the alliance.

Links for news & result:

Daily Star

Prothom Alo


An ordinary citizen

Post script:
11 am, 30 December 2008
Result of 296 seats are available by now:AL-229, BNP-27,JP-27,JI-02,Others-11


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