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A look into the defeat of BNP December 31, 2008

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On the reverse side of the coin of AL’s landslide win, there is the defeat of BNP, which is also unprecedented. This is the lowest ever performance of BNP.

It will not be unworthy exercise to explore the reasons of it’s defeat.

The landslide victory of BNP in 2001 for the second time after 1990 and its alliance with Jammat-e-Islami with 18 seats gave it a sense of complacence and led it to misrule and corruption. The image of the government also affected by the undue interference by sons and close associates of PM into the state administration.

The partisan politics of BNP also crosses the limit of one’s expectation. They manipulated the recruitment of PSC, altered the result of BCS, appointment and promotion of the university teachers, the selection of postgraduate courses in the medical colleges and BSMMU etc.

They also manipulated the judiciary and failed to fulfill their commitment to separate the judiciary.

During their period, the Muslim terrorist groups grew tremendously, though the leaders were ultimately caught and punished but the then government initially ignored the development.
The price of the essentials were also on the rise that they couldn’t contain.
The attempt of BNP to influence the composition of caretaker government and manipulate the election of 22/1 of 2007 also caused a permanent injury to the mind of the people. Failure of the first caretaker government to conduct a free and fair election also fell on BNP. Jamaat-e-Islami remain silent partner of all their misdeeds.

After 1/11, the new caretaker government’s mission to eliminate corruption also exposed the inner picture of the political leaders. Though leaders of both the parties were accused and put under jail, but it is BNP whose leaders were in large numbers were arrested. tried and jailed. People horrified by knowing their stories of corruption.

While the two leaders were in the jail or abroad, reformist in both the parties tried to win the stage. Though their effort had gone in vein, AL accommodated the reformists in their fold and showed signs of organizational maturity. BNP, on the other hand, though it was expected that the reformist would be accomodated with the party but it didn’t happen. Khaleda thought that her image is enough for the party. The representation of the party by a man like Khondoker Delwar Hussain, whose personal image and sons’ misdeeds was not acceptable to the people, has degrade more the state of the party to the eye of the people.

The delay-delaying tactics of the party for participating in the election also frustrated the people.

When the nomination came BNP choose to place their old party leaders many of whom were accused, arrested or convicted for corruption, extortion etc. Many of the leaders whose nominations were rejected by the EC, challenged the decision in the court and the reinstatement of the candidates in many of the cases also worried the people. The BNP nomination was such that as if it was throwing a challenge to the court and the people on the accusation and perception of corruption against party leaders.The failure of our judicial system to punish the corrupts also made the people to be cautious about their own judgement.

BNP didn’t bother to get the recommendation of the grassroots workers though some of their their leaders were claiming that they had done so. There was a contrast between the reality and the statement.

The manifesto that BNP had projected though lengthier but was more traditional and with no long term vision. The vision of 2021 and digital Bangladesh was well accepted by the new generation.

Khaleda Zia, had toured the country, from one corner to the other, but she didn’t come to Chittagong which also many of his supports longed and in her tour BNP didn’t uitilise the video conference technology at all.

In her speeches, Khaleda was more critical of the caretaker government,as if the CTG is her opponent, she was more suspicious of the certainty and fairness of the election in contrary to the people’s perception and she was less objective in criticizing AL past record and future agenda.

The arrogance of Jammaat-e-Islami regarding recognizing the liberation war and gradual rise of sentiment against the anti-liberation forces and awakening in the young to visit the past also went against BNP in the election.

An ordinary citizen


Please cast ur vote to evaluate the causes of defeat of BNP in the general election of December 29 2008. One can give multiple answers.


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