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Expectation of people from AL on election result January 1, 2009

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Awami league won a landslide victory in the general election held in 29th December 2008. AL and its allies won 262 seats against BNP & its allies 32 seats and others 5 seats. By percentage, AL won 3/4th of the seats.
The landslide victory added extra responsibility to the AL.
Let’s see what people expect from AL.
People wants from AL good governance and no corruption. People also don’t like to see politicization of the administration.

People would like to see the upazilla election to be concluded as scheduled and to be conducted by this Election Commission who have built a good image for them. People also want local government is more strenghen in our country.

People would like to see the constitutional bodies to run independently. In this regard, people would prefer that the new parliament will acknowledge the better ordinances adopted by the caretaker government for the good of the country.

People would prefer that we live in a society of justice. The judiciary will be permitted to work independently and will be more strengthened. The judges will be selected on their record through an independent body.

The government would continue the effort against corruption and will let the Anti-Corruption Commission to work independently and more efficiently.

The PSC will continue as independent institution and recruit the public servants without any pressure or biasness.

The dearest longing of the people is that the new government will bring down the price of the essentials. AL declared that the price of rice would be Tk. 15. In doing so, the government should also look after the interest of the farmers, so that they aren’t deprive of their due share.

They would also maintain law and order more or less perfectly.They would run the government in consensus with the oppostion parties, make the parliament effective, would give due respect to the opposition and due share to the opposition in the parliament.

Hasina opined that poverty is the enemy of her government.New government would take measures to alliviate the poverty and cover all the people under the poverty line within the safety net of employment.

The new generation votes for AL with the hope that a change in the policy and opportunity would come to our country. ICT will give proper attention, internet facility will be extended, IT based job will be created.

Employment should be ensured for the young and business opportunity should be open for all.

Education must be more universal, standarised, uniform amd scientific. Divide between poor and rich, rural & urban must be lessened.Universities and colleges must be kept free from party politics.

Politics also must be kept away from government offices, secretariats, trade unions etc.

Hasina said people rejected the war criminals by voting and necessary legal action would be taken in due course. They must be cautious not to make the issue a mess and push some people to extremism.

Above all, AL would try to fulfill the pledges they have given in their manifesto and will proceed forward to attain their targets of vision 2021 and digital Bangladesh.

An ordinary citizen

Vote: Please cast ur vote to express ur expectation. U have multiple options.


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