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Choosing subject at the entrance of the university studies January 4, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, EDUCATION.
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One of the dilemmas in our country for the students is to choose major subject which will ultimately determine his/her career at the beginning of the university studies.

The dilemma arises as we have no system of career counseling for the students to choose their subjects.

There is also no way to determine the aptitude of a student in more scientific way.

More over, many of the students choose their subject on the wish or instruction of their parents. Some times the wish conflicts with one’s inherent liking. I have seen many a students lost their way because of the subject imposed by the parents and he/she herself getting no interest in the subject.

Sometimes, students are carried away by the trend of the time which may or may not have future potentiality.
Occasionally, students choose their subject on the advice of their friends or their senior brothers.

Few students, sometimes , have no choice. They accept whatever comes on their way.

None of the situation is good for the students.

There is no institution or organization in our country to monitor the job market, to determine the job statistics, unemployment rate, job pattern, potential market etc

There is no support for aptitude test or career counseling.

To give better support to the students and to provide better job options, we must create those institutions.

An ordinary citizen

Will u please comment which subject is good for the students at present and why? or why you have chosen ur subject at the university?


1. RoMaN - January 5, 2009

How is mechanical engineering?????????

2. RooT - January 5, 2009

In my point of view CSE is one of the best subjects cause Cse has worldwide field and many cse students earn a lot of money by doing outsourcing works.

3. one_iutian - January 5, 2009

CSE/IT rockz…because it has huge dimensions…in robotics…embeded systems….distributed systems….artificial intelligence…wow..great things!

4. RoMaN - January 6, 2009

bro i took MCE. i got CIT too 😦
Bro, now what can i do???? how is the faculty of MCE in IUT. plz tell me about the future of MCE. plz i am in a serious condition 😦 :((((
plz tell me the positive aspects of MCE 😦

5. one_iutian - January 8, 2009

go 4 CIT…..

6. Shouvik - January 9, 2009

Prior to opting for a major, one must think of the country one wants to settle in and its future job prospect with respect to his/her field of study. Considering the job market of Bangladesh, it generally offers better incentive and opportunity to business graduates, where the scope is greater and corresponding starting salary is higher. Of course, a student who finds himself/herself fit for a more analytical/theoretical field of study would be more inclined to opt for engineering and the likes. But I’d like to highlight the point that an undergraduate study spans only 4 years of a person’s life, whereas his/her career follows up by taking around 40 years, on average. Therefore, no matter how lucrative a specialized field of study may seem in the short-term, I’d suggest for a student to critically analyze the job market of Bangladesh (assuming that s/he is going to settle here), which in my point of view, offers better opportunity (in terms of scopes of employment as well as initial salary and subsequent increments) to a graduate from a more generalized field of study, such as BBA.

Indeed, a student would feel better to call himself an “engineer” rather than a “business graduate”, but I don’t think this would hold water in the long run when the person finds himself regretting for not taking a more financially rewarding job to support his family and fulfilling his dreams.

7. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 10, 2009

we can make a Engineering subject rank for BD students like that….

for BD Job Market[private job]——-

for BD Job[govt. job]—–

For Foreign scholarship—-


8. LoneRider - January 20, 2009

In terms of University admission and ranking in bangladesh… this is so far the most lively conversed post and most helpful and informative page i have found. A lot of thanks to bdoza to start such an important topic and thanks to all of those who have contributed. i just want to focus on one thing guys… its so tough to know about these information these days which is so important for a undergrad student who has so little time to make up his mind about the whole future of his. so knowing or without knowing… i think u have contributed to change a lot of young lives. hats off to u.

9. RooT - January 21, 2009

CSE rocks

10. Sumon - January 31, 2009

CSE ROCKED ,ROCKS,and WILL ROCK if we read this subject with our mind:)
and can do something for that country

11. Sabbir - February 5, 2009

As far I know job on CSE is more available than EEE & Civil in foreign countries,but you ranked EEE & Civil upper than CSE.Can you give me the details of the world’s job market ?
For scholarship as far I know scholarship on CSE & Meahcanical is given far more than EEE & Civil(As i have seen so far).
last of all thanks for that kind of criticisation on different engineering subjects that will help the students to make decision.
*****At last I wanna say that though Mechanical is the mother of the engineering but CSE is the best

12. Samaun - February 14, 2009


ME has a good job field out side of our country ( such as middle east ). But in our country it don’t have a good job facility. Average starting salary of ME students from even BUET is about 10 to 12 thousand. But this condition can change in future.

13. Samaun - February 14, 2009

Here is a comparision among various engineering subjects. That means Job facility of various engineering subjects in Bangladesh According to latest survey ( 2007 ).

For government job in Bangladesh.
(Now CSE really don’t a have good number of gov jobs)

For private job in Bangladesh.
1.CSE (Ya more than EEE. you can check it by observing job sites)

For foregn scholarship

For job in abroad

14. Sabbir - February 16, 2009

Thanks a lot bro for your useful ranking.

15. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - February 21, 2009


According to job standard & salary…EEE is much more ahead than
CSE…everybody knows that in BD;

if u think the no. of job,then CIVIL[CE] is far more ahead than EEE & CSE,but the private job standard for civil engineers is not fine in BD & initial salary is low,but salary increasing rate is high according to experience than any other subject;

for,this reason local civil engineering job is finally done by DIPLOMA ENGINEERS & B.Sc. Engineers get themselves at least in Middle East;

IPE has a demand..because currently BUET only produces Alumni…other few university who opened this subject..no alumni …still now..ok…
in BUET…only 30 seats for IPE..thats why it is in its optimum demand now….Salary ok from initial…


in USA,UK,CANADA,AUSTRALIA scholarship means research or teaching assistantship[RA/TA]
1.TA position[15%]
2.RA Position[85%]

so,the main scholarship opurtunity is Research Assistantship….

1.for modern hi-tech subject[CSE,EEE] research is done mainly by
private research organization,business group…so,university research comparatively low than private institute…
so,how can university provide huge no. of RA?????????

2.for natural ancient subject or chemistry,biology based department i.e.[civil(branch transportation,environment & water),biochemistry,microbiology,chemical] research mainly[almost 95%] is univeristy oriented
thats why RA oppurtunity is huge………but DU Alumni currently failed to find themselves in USA,CANADA..because of GRE fare

but,BUET & Formerly BIT’s Alumni make a good position in USA,Canada….
so,civil research is university oriented …so,RA oppurtunity is huge & easy for civil alumni..

from my BUET batch,almost 80% OF CIVIL ALUMNI now r in USA,CANADA…..95% OF CSE ALUMNI…..but,civil alumni got the oppurtunity first & rest of them doing public service in BD..which is not available to CSE students..

so,the ranking…is

for BD Job Market[private job]——-
4.CIVIL[considering initial salary,otherwise it is in #1 or 2]

for BD Job[govt. job]—–
*Materials[MME] is a private job[steel industry] based dept.

For Foreign scholarship—-
1.CIVIL[huge RA for transport,environment,water major]


16. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - February 21, 2009
17. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - February 21, 2009


u have lack of idea about this….
*****At last I wanna say that though Mechanical is the mother of the engineering but CSE is the best….
if u ask any engineering teacher or if u read the history of engineering then u will find that….

civil Engineering is the mother of Engineering….it is the first & ancient,old engineering discipline…all other engineering discipline ‘s
r produced to support this…..

****i am an engineer,but not an practicing engineer..all of my research topics..related to engineering job market,development…worldwide………

my background & present…….

Ph.D.,Financial Economics,
Imperial College London,U.K.;
Post Doctoral,Northwestern University,U.S.A.;
Formerly Faculty Member[IBA-DU,University Of East London & Clemson University,South Carolina,U.S.A.]

Now Working With UBS Investment Bank[better known as Swiss Bank],Frankfurt,Germany;

18. dark_justice - February 22, 2009

But Mr aparichit….in bangladesh the job market for eee is degrading…because of the saturation at telecom field(occupied by eee,ece,csit,cs,cse,ete..etc field grads)..power,control,electronics sectors are not that lucrative,promising,and attractive for eee grads in bangladesh perspective…but software development sector is more emerging than any other fields which is only for computer science and IT/engg grads…database related fields like datawarehouse,data-mining are now more popular…with web development as well…

I think you should know that this govt is emphasizing more in IT education and taking huge steps for building digital bangladesh…huge budget is assigned for that..all these things are done for computer sc and IT profs not mech/eee/ce or ne other..

I heard that civil is the father of engg and me is the mother…now the time has changed.

19. dark_justice - February 23, 2009

Haha!!Mr.Bdoza..nice works!

20. UnKnOwN^PeRsON - February 27, 2009

lol ai debate shesh hobe na. but shob kisur e demand ase. shudhu cse cse korle din jay na. CSE r jemon demand temon bd te oli te golite ai computer engineer pawa jay. shobai protishtha pay na. khali oi telecom sector dekhei CSE EEE kora uchit na. r CE, ME re manush pochay. but ekta kotha mone rakhben era holo core engineering. eder demand kono amolei cholbe na. era na thakle aj oi CSE r dekha pawa jaito na. so aigula respect kora uchit. CSE re kokhono real engineeer bola hoy na……..
Aeronautical,aerospace,idustrial,automobile,marine, biomedical everything is under ME. emonki EEE,CSE aigulao ashse ME theke. Transportation,construction,architecture everything under CE. so aishob chara aj EEE,CSE r existence pawa jaito na. r manush ekhon oigula niyai lafay. very interesting. valo thakben r shob engineering kai honour korben. ontoto ME,CE re honour korben jader darai ai civilization ta shuru hoise.

21. dark_justice - February 27, 2009

yes….core engineering er proti respect rekhei boltesi….core subjects thekei to applied subject ashe tai na….ami bolbo ME,CE egula engineering er core na…borong Physics is the core of engineering…tai amader uchit beshi beshi physics pora…then MS e specialization e jaoa..naki bolen??..hahaha…
Ashol kotha holo..ekhn din bodlaytese…core subjects der keu disrespect kortese na..ekhn jegula applied aksomoy oigulakeo core bola hoite pare..ei jemon Artifiacial Intelligence emon ekta subject jeita niye future e BSc MSc(still hocche) kora hobe….jar saathe robotics onek related…amar boktobbo hocche kono subject kei disrespect kora uchit na..jar jeita porte valo lage tar seita pora uchit…
that’s all….ar ME,CE r jemon demand kono amole kome nai temni CSE,EEE r o kombe na…amader dosh hocche amra quality r pesone na ghure quantity r pesone ghuri..ar tai akhn oli te goli te EEE,CSE engg dekha jay…kintu quality engg asholei kom…thik temni oi civil,mech pore jara ber hoy(tader no kom karon job market temon demandable na)kintu tai bole tarao je shobai qualified shetao thik na..
So ashol kotha holo je jei subject jekhan thekei poruk tar porar proti repect and sincerity thakte hobe..shudhu naamer pesone chutle cholbe na….

22. UnKnOwN^PeRsON - February 28, 2009

shotto kotha bolte ekhon ssc and hsc te gpa 3.8 or 4 peyeo CSE or EEE pora jachche. and jara public uni or IUT mist a porse tader shamne nijeder extra ordinary bole jahir kore. aita thik na. BUET,BIT,IUT,MIST r shobgulo student e pvt a porar joggota rakhe. khali 2 tala building kore CSE,EEE degree dewar kono manei hoy na.. Jader joggota nai oishob subject a porar tarai to oishob a porse. ar nishchoy EEE or CSE graduate per year a joto ber hochche tar 1/4 th r o job ready na tai na. so PVT uni gula ek dik theke EEE,CSE r demand e komay ditese. ekjon BUET r EEE,CSE r student der sathe nishchoy ekta pvt unir EEE,CSE std compare korte pare na. ami aikhane pvt uni bolte jeno teno gula k indicate koresi, (aust,aiub,nsu,ewu) eder k na.

23. Miraj - March 30, 2009

I think Finance is the best choice for students of Business studies, specially if it is from Dept of Finance of Dhaka University. And I also proclaim that its the best Dept of DU. I think nobody will disagree.

24. kam - April 8, 2009

hi all big bros it was quite informative to read your posts.in fact it seemed a debate was on condition! anyways i am very new to post here.i am studying EEE at aiub in my 1st semester.but i want to change my major to CSSE(computer sc n software eng) as i have been dreaming to be something big in computer section from my teen ages.though i don’t know programming much yet i have fascination for physics,math.i plan to do my msc in IT from USA may be n really willing to settle in bd. i have the opportunity to change my major till the next semester.so will anybody please help me suggesting EEE or CSSE?

25. rasal - April 9, 2009

hi, i m stading deploma engenering on ELECTRICAL.(6 TH SEMESTER).how can i get scholarship for higher education in abrod.

26. zahid - April 17, 2009

dear kam
u r in AIUB EEE 1st sem so u will do next sem sub “Programmin Language 1”.if u’ll do well in that sub and understand d subject then u determine what will better for u. truly say AIUB CSE department is the richest and highest qualified dept in BD. so it will be not bad.

27. Rocks - April 23, 2009

AIUB richest hoite parre, i agreee but jeikhane aul faul std ra vorti hoite pare oitar quality jana dorkar. ekta valo std buet iut te cse or cit portese, ar ekta third class std ai shob pvt a eki degree nitese. taile valo std hoye laav ta ki kao bolben. ami golden 5 paiya mechanical a portesi, amar fnd ra AIUB te 4.5 paya EEE portese. hahhahaha. funny. ek semister a AIUB 875 ta EEE std nise. disgusting ekta uni……

28. zahid - April 24, 2009

dear rock
kon sem e amake janaben. AIUB te 4.5 paoya student o jamon ase tamon golden 5 paowa student o ase. but Bangladesh er GPA system student der merit judge korte kototoko partese? apni GPA 5 paisen its doent means u r more meritorious than a student who got GPA 4.5.

29. kam - April 25, 2009

bro apni hoyto buet/iut/bit te poren but golden 5 jara pae tader sobai e ki prestigious cgpa pae?i feel oidin ar nei je buet e porbo ar nijeke ‘onno groher valuable prani’ mone korbo..akhon public-pvt(nsu,aiub,ewu,aust…) stands same height bro.buet er amon onek eng asen jara 2yrz dhore cv drop korei jacchen..ar IUB er cse graduate now GP er IT head..tell u IUB er cse dat tym avg chilo..so apni jekhanei graduation koren na kano corporate lyf e apni kototuku applied eng hoyechen setai priority pabe…anyway apni jodi AIUB te ese thaken then just lab gulo ektu dekhben,jodi buet er student hon then buet(eee/cse) bad die aiub tei lab korte chaiben.

30. kam - April 25, 2009

thnx bro..anyway r u in aiub cse?im takin PL1 in summer…n anybody has suggestions plz reviewing my post no 24? plz b a bit elaborate if u can 🙂

31. Rocks - May 8, 2009

I know that aiub has admitted 875 eee std. Everything has limit. But pvt unis cross that. And exceptions r not logical examples. And bro leave golden or gpa 5. Aiub gud, but it is making itself a joke

32. kam - May 13, 2009

guess its just not the place for “pvt varsity” critics.(see mr.bdoza’s topic :)) however @rocks can u tell in which semester aiub admitted 875 EE’s? aiub offers 3 sems in an academic yr(fall,spring,summer where fall n spring r da regular 1s).in spring’08-09 aiub admitted max number of stds in its history n it ws about 800~900 totally(eee,cse,arch,bba,b.arts…..)

33. Rashed - June 22, 2009

Did you know?
Education Sector is the most corrupted sector in Bangladesh. Specially in Colleges, Schools. True Info.

34. The_one - July 16, 2009

Hi all….i want 2 know the job Demand of Textile Technology…as we all know tht Garments nd Textile sector is the most succesful sector of bd…btw i heard that aust’s textile is best in bd…in sping semester a studnt have 2 get golden a+ 2 get admisson in T.T. Of Aust..is it true??

35. Asique - August 4, 2009

I want to know the best engg. sub in bdaccording to salary and availityof job.
Please ans.

36. Sommo - August 4, 2009

I think that civil engineers are the most rich(financially) engineer in bd.It also have full time jobs now.The demand of civil engineering will never decrese

37. nirbodh - October 1, 2009

Please suggest me.. What is better? Reading CA @ICAB? Or reading biochemistry @DU.

38. romel - December 7, 2009

please suggest me which is the best in chittagong for studying……
1. MBA
2. EXECUTIVE MBA ……….Please.

39. bdoza - December 11, 2009

IUB for both as I know.

40. Saba - January 4, 2010

hi rock,
ami diploma te 3.90 ar S.S.C te 4.56 payechi kintu ekhon decission nite parchi na B.SC kon subject nia porbo (CSE na EEE). Diplomai amar subject chilo Electronics. ami ekta private university te try korcchi somosha ektai which subject i choose? please help me out……………

41. Dilnaz - January 4, 2010

please suggest me which is the best in chittagong for studying……
1. CSE
2. EEE

42. asif - February 5, 2010

DU theke appld physic & elet. a undergrad kore ki BUET e CSE te grad kora jai??jante chai.

43. ural pongkhi - February 18, 2010

keno jabena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

44. Munaf - July 21, 2010

Ami AUST a fall semister a vorti hosa chassi kintu disisition nita parsina kon sub(EEE na Civil) a porla amar vobissot career valo hoba…….ami senior vaidar kase thake suggestion chai please give me some suggestion

45. Abir Khan - November 14, 2010

hello,i’m a student.i need some help.i sat for admission test in IUT in 2010 and my position is 283,can anyone tell me wether i will get chance or not?and what subject i may be given.what is better eee or cse?

46. Confused - November 17, 2010

I’m at a great confusion.
I’v got chance in both buet and iut. Pos are 497 and 31 respectively. In buet i’ll get all except eee, cse and about ipe not sure. (may or may not) I’ve also got chance in buet archi – pos 21. Now where i should go? I’ve no sub choice personally (but i don’t like chemistry)Plz suggest me.

47. Syed tauhid ahmed - November 20, 2010

I think CSE is the best according to civilization

48. Abir khan - November 23, 2010

what about applied physics and applied chemistry of dhaka univeristy? can anyone tell me about this?

49. RAHI - November 25, 2010

I will get IPE,CSE or EEE in sahjalal univarsity.. And i may get CIT or MCE in IUT..which one is better for me..i hv no personal choose..plz help.i am in a great confusion..

50. Dont want 2 say.. - November 28, 2010

Please compare between CSE & Applied physics in DU!!

51. md shakil - January 12, 2011

Rank for better salary . 1 -ipe 2-eee 3-cse 4-chemical 5-me

52. farhan - November 5, 2011

supposing myself as a miss fortunate person cuz now in 2011 i m in a great confusion of subject choosing…. !!!! within these 2 years da views hv changed a lot……….. CSE or EEE which sub should i choose ??? i hv a cherish dream of going abroad……….. absolute helplesss,,, 😦

53. invictus - November 28, 2011

i’m confused between CE & NAME in BUET? what should i choose?

54. Disheartened - March 1, 2012

The comments made me disheartened…I took mechanical eng. in BUET..It seems to me it was not a vry good choice..should have taken IPE instead…

55. EEE,BUET - March 19, 2012

vae bohut jhogra jhati porlam…hotash!!! ami buet er EEE A1 section theke ber hoici…ami jototuku bujhi, two things matter!!! U wanna stay in BD, or find a scholarship at foreign university…If u wanna stay here in BD, both EEE & CSE will do good, private jobs with starting salary 25,000 easily available for both,but more than 30,000 starting salary is very tough. Lecturer at Private versity seems to be lot lucrative. And for BBA,valo chapabazi paren to??? Versity life for BBA comparatively easy, job field good but foreign scholarship is bit difficult than Engineering. Asole engineering field a khatnir tulonay salary kom,but it sounds smart “Engineer”.R for scholarship abroad, what matters most is CGPA & institution, no matter which dept. u are!!!

56. EEE,BUET - March 19, 2012

52. farhan, u should choose CSE for staying in BD, and EEE for going abroad!!!

57. EEE,BUET - March 19, 2012

54. Disheartened: u have done the right thing if u wish to study abroad. IPE has not yet flourished abroad…Either they are transferred to ME or EEE(Partially) in Higher study. U will find ME has very good prospect in Germany!!! but if u wish to stay here in BD, u probably have missed a trick!

58. EEE,BUET - March 19, 2012

46. Confused Obviously BUET. For studying abroad Take ME if u have the heart to work very hard during versity life!!! Otherwise take Civil if want to relax a bit(not very much though). If u want to stay in BD, take IPE, if not available, Then civil. ME is not generally recommended for staying in BD. Most important is cgpa than Dept.

59. EEE,BUET - March 19, 2012

29. kam – April 25, 2009
bro, AIUB er 1ta student re BUET er teacher hoiyya dekhaete kou….! ami BUET a 2nd year a jokhon pori, AIUB er senior polare poraici….20 ta math dagaya exam e bomi korake engineer koe(AIUB) r 500 dagano math koerra 2 ta Bomi korte korte time sesh hoe jaware engineer koe(BUET).

60. Jewel - April 22, 2012

Whose are in confusion in choosin’ the best subject i think they have to see the movie “3 idiots” carefully altho i think they have seen it before but the theme of the movie says that run for excellence and success will absolutely come. So which one you love with your heart, of course u have to choose it because mental satisfaction is the most important think in human life.

Thanks to all.

61. I also got GPA-5 :P - September 21, 2012

Public vrsityr polapan ra manush hoilo na,totalli unsmart and stupid, campus a o mara mari kore, online a o… Anyway..
I think EEE is the best according to salary…. CSE is also f9…

62. Premon - August 27, 2013

Ami pharmacy r demand somporke jante chai. . . .jodi sub ta valo hoi tobe pvt versity kunta te admission nile valo hobe?

63. Ankan Rahman - December 3, 2013

ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been going thru’ those lovely conversations. All I’ve left to say is you all are pretty talented people. But what I came to know, is that what if one doesn’t get a chance in BUET ?
obviously your answers would be,”DU/CUET/private”….
Yes. I’ll go for DU. But let me know the demands of Business/ Engineering Faculties…. That’ll be really appreciated.
N.B. am a student of inter first year. That might create a question in your mind that , “why do I need those answers, as I’m still just a little fella….”
But, to be honest, am really confused about my future choice, in terms of success and financially privileges, as am a simple ( not meritorious ) guy from a middle class family…
It actually a common question of that^ sort of a family guy…

so…. I’ll be obliged, if I get to know what should I choose in case I may stumble in the path of so-called ‘BATTLE-FIELD” …

Thank you for reading. 🙂

64. hasan - December 8, 2013

please suggest me which one is better, cse of or ce of buet.

65. writing a graphic novel - May 4, 2014

Greetings from Idaho! I’m bored to death at work so I
decided to browse your site on my iphone during lunch break.
I really like the knowledge you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.
I’m surprised at how fast your blog loaded on my mobile ..
I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, fantastic blog!

66. Deepro Ron - August 2, 2014

Wtf ! People r fighting here about public vs private uni!

67. Kafi - September 15, 2014

CSE Er Jonno Ewu And Aust Er Majhe Konta Valo???

68. Montasir - November 15, 2014

What subject should i choose EEE or CSE?

69. bdoza - November 16, 2014

@ Montsir, Take the decision by yourself.

70. Yasin Ali - January 24, 2015

how is civil Engineering?????

71. Rezvi - November 19, 2015

Ami math a onek weak.engineering (CSE) pora uchit hobe private a??naki private a BBA porbo??public a chance hoini.private er CSE kontar valo??n science theke akhono BBA te gele ki amar jonno hard hobe?

bdoza - November 20, 2015

If you are weak in math, don’t take unnecessary strain on you. Better choose non-math subjects.
Science students can study BBA without any difficulty.

72. Shekh Md Salman - November 30, 2015

BCS chara Job market err jnne vlo subject konta?? between international relation and Public administration???

73. taefkhan - December 2, 2015

Bro… i’ve already got admitted at KUET IPE.. but ive got 179 merit at MIST . so anyone plz suggest considering job sector which one will be better ??
MIST CSE/EEE/AE or KUET IPE ?? its urgent….

74. Mohd.Nurul Alam - November 4, 2018


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