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Dramatic beginning of the new government with a cabinet of mostly new faces January 9, 2009

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hasina-oath1The new government has declared it’s cabinet of 32 members, with Sk. Hasina as the Prime Minister of the Government.

The interesting aspect of the cabinet is the aggregation of new faces in the cabinet.Out of 32, 27 are new who have little experience of the administration.

The other interesting feature of the the cabinet that some new faces have been entrusted with critical ministries-such as Foreign ministry and Home ministry.

The assuring feature is that the cabinet left aside the old faces who are accused of corruption, extortion etc.The cabinet is full of fresh blood who are in full vigour and will be more committed to the responsibility they have been assigned.

From some corner it is said that Hasina should not take the charge of Prime Minister until she is cleared of the cases from the court. But Barrister Shafiq Ahmed who later become Law Minister in an interview said that there is no legal bar for Hasina to become the PM and there is also no moral bar as in Bangladesh, it is easy for anyone to file a case in the court against anybody but it takes years together to clear the case from the court. So it is not justified to refrain the people’s representatives from assuming the responsibility of the government on the prejudice of pending cases against someone.

It is heard that a Council of Advisers of 12 members will be formed by the old ministers of AL. It will also of interest how the new government handles the old ministers and how the old ministers set their role in this complex physical and psychological state of them.

People hail the new cabinet but the ultimate success of the government will depend how efficiently this new cabinet will deliver their responsibilities in coming future.

An ordinary citizen
Courtesy: The picture is taken from Prothom Alo
Post script:

The composition of the cabinet draws reactions from editors and experts.
Editorial- Daily Star
Editorial- Prothom Alo
Analysis in Daily StarMahfuz Anam
Analysis in Prothom Alo -Anisul Hoque
Analysis-Prothom Alo-Showkat Hussain Masum


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