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Obama takes oath: A world leader is born January 28, 2009

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Obama takes oath on 20th January 2009 as the 44th president of the United States. Total oath taking ceremony was a very impressive one. To mark the event, Obama and his family took a ride from Illinois to Washington to commemorate the tour of Abraham Lincoln on his ascending to the presidency. Obama also attended a concert a day before the oath on the occssion and participated by millions of people and renowned singers including Bono. 2 million people gathered in the Washingon on the day of the oath in the space between the White House in the cool of the night to be a part of the history of the oath taking of an African American as president of USA.

I am also one of the citizens of the world who waited eagerly to witness the oath. I know none in the recent history who has make oath so pompous by himself or it became so gorgeous by the participation of the mass people. I have also never seen the white house to be converted into such an stage. The ceremony was also coloured by the beautiful musical scores. Obama also attended a dozen ball organizes in his honour in the night of the oath.

First Biden took the oath as Vice -president. Then Obama took the oath but he fumbled and misplaced a word while taking the oath, for which he had to take a second oath in a more private setting in the white house.

The speech that he has given then was a more fluent, ornamental and comprehensive. Obama virtually covered all issues- domestic and international in his first speech as the president. In the speech Obama has outlined the picture of his administration and of America in the coming years.

People are always worried for the safety of Obama from the day of his selection as the demotractic nominee for the president even before the convention. After his won as President, the worriness intesifies. With the oath, people sighed a little that at least he could take the oath.

With the oath, America found a new president but world has got a new leader who would think for the world not as an American president but a leader of the world.

We hope that he will think for the peace of the whole world, prosperity of the nations, climate change and alleviation of the poverty from the poor countries.

An ordinary citizen

Obama’s inauguration in CNN.com


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