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Politics, lies and media January 30, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Media, POLITICS.

Our new political government has started its journey after a landslide victory in the long waited general election on the 29th December 2008. The members of Parliament and the Prime Minister took the oath. The ministers have been selected and started their job.
The first session of parliament also started and people gladly observe that both the treasury and opposition bench attended the session.

The first shock came with the announcement of the Deputy Speaker and AL nominated Col(Rt) Showkat Ali to the post adding frustration to the aspiration of BNP-led opposition. AL told that they would have withdrewn the nomination if BNP submitted their nomination for Deputy Speaker. They have also proposed to create a second post of deputy speaker to accommodate a BNP candidate. But BNP is not pleased with the whole move. They are telling that AL committed to give the post of deputy speaker to BNP in their manifesto but they are now avoiding their commitment.

The parliamentary session also from the second day is seeing the absence of BNP MPs in their seats on protest on the distribution of seats to the opposition. The AL wanted the seat on proportional basis and the new speaker arranged the seat accordingly from the second day. But BNP insisting on the arrangement of the seats as was on first day of the session as set by past speaker. Treasury Whip said that AL is following the tradition followed in the earlier parliaments. BNP is saying opposition always given the left hand side front seats in earlier parliaments.

The opposite description of the events also came from the two major political parties on the upazilla elections.

Politics is in our country a game of twist and lies. But because of advancement of media both electronic and print, people are more informed, the events are more transparent and facts are better recorded.

It is now easy for the people to differentiate between truth and lies because of the media.

An ordinary citizen


1. xanthis - January 31, 2009

[…] It is now easy for the people to differentiate between truth and lies because of the media. […]

It’s easy only when the media itself is honest. That night I was watching an ATN Bangla talk show which had BNP’s expert parliamentarian Jaynal Abedin MP as the guest. I just kept watching that how keenly the host is trying to encourage Jaynal Abedin to use bad words against the speaker Abdul Hamid. The host repeatedly asked him the same annoying question in different ways. But Jaynal Abedin was more intelligent than the host thought him to be and unfortunately the hose was less intelligent then he thinks himself to be. Jaynal Abedin ended up with saying,

“Abdul Hamid is almost the most elderly parliamentarians we presently have. He is like a guardian to all of us, no matter he is a speaker or not. We obey in the way he thinks and he acts. So we see no reason to not keep trust on him. We believe he will close the seat arrangement row peacefully.”

There is definite reasons to think that in present there is unfortunate scarce of smart, honest and cultured people in the profession of journalist. But having the professionalism for sale is worse than anything.

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