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No wrong for AL to be a little more liberal in parliament February 1, 2009

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The opposition BNP is not attending the parliament from the 2nd day onwards on the plea that AL-led government coalition is not giving them proper seats in the front rows of the left hand side of the speaker. The opposition had also meetings with the speaker,but the speaker expressed his inability to go against the ruling party.

People don’t want to see the parliament go unattended by any party. They will blame the conflicting parties for the failure to make the parliament effective.

If it is the matter of distribution of seats, people would expect more liberal attitude from coalition leaders and people also want to see the speaker to exert his authority to maintain the norms of the parliament and make it participatory.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
Mijanur Rahman Khan in Prothom Alo made a detail discourse on the distribution of seats in parliament in the international perspective.


1. xanthis - February 2, 2009

What you have expressed here is exactly each and every ordinary citizens of Bangladesh will be likely to express. After 18 years from the victory in people’s battle against autocracy, Bangladeshi people desperately look for a very positive practice of democracy by all the parties, especially the big twos. There are two important facts those are unfortunately ignored by the big twos.

1. Whatever marathon race you carry on by your cabinet and no matter how active the cabinet is working overtime, the place where a government should really be run is the parliament. An inactive parliament means no progress. So at any cost the parliament will have to be made active and vocal. People have voted for not to see walk-outs. And walk-outs are failure of all parts in the parliament, failures of both the parliamentary guardian and the leader to hold the opposition back.

2. No matter how frequent you be to call meetings of your party presidium, no matter how many extra hours standing committee members spend in their political offices, the sector from where a political party really should be run is the grass-root. Smaller and smaller units of the party should be kept rolling. There should be councils. Senior leaders will have to be active and responsive in their own vicinities, no matter how much senior they are. With a sound and active grass-root, only standing committee meetings won’t bring success in reorganization.

I hope both of the points marked above will be suggestions for our big twos.

2. Ibne Siraj - February 3, 2009

Parliament is like ‘house of bebate’. In debate, it is customary for the two opposite factions to sit on either side of the chairman, here the speaker. We have seen the parliament in this fashion in the past and want to see it in the future.

3. half patriot - February 3, 2009

Is the government trying to humiliate the opposition?
People will not like that.

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