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On task force, terrorism and maritime security February 12, 2009

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Bangladesh PM Hasina first proposes the idea of forming a regional task force to combat terrorism in the area. Richard Boucher, Asstt Secretary for Far Asia & South East Asia for Foreign Affairs for USA on his visit to Dhaka encouraged the idea of forming regional task force for the purpose. But he opined that this will depend how the other countries are responding to the proposal.

The proposal was raised when Indian External Affairs Minister Pronab Mukarjee came to Bangladesh to sign bilateral treaties on trade and commerce.

The critics are saying that the terrorism in Bangladesh are mainly homegrown. Bangladesh should be enough to control this homegrown terrorism by itself. The terrorism that Bangladesh witnessed so far was controlled by its own means. They also argued that if a regional task force is formed, then Bangladesh would become the target of international terrorists.

It is also said that India is not interested to form a regional task force.Also there is provision to combat terrorism under SAARC and SAFTA and bilateral agreement with India will not be taken easily by the people.

Boucher offered Bangladesh American support to maintain its maritime security.Experts expressed that Bangladesh should first try to demarcate the maritime boundary. To maintain the maritime security it should depend on bilateral negotiations rather than going into a military pact with a super power.

The issues require further scrutiny to come to a decision for an individual and also for a state.

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