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Tracing the trial of war criminals February 16, 2009

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Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shafique Ahmed yesterday said trial of war criminals is one of the main election pledges of the government. He hinted that steps would be taken to try the war criminals under the International Crime Tribunal Act-1973.

Jamaat is the biggest enemy of Islam, says Shahtiar Kabir

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday sought help of the United Nations in holding trial of the war criminals, saying prosecuting them has become a national demand.

Jatiya Sangshad adopted resolution for trial of war criminals in 29th January 2009.

Leaders of Citizens’ Commissionon Trial of War Criminals called for initiating the trial by forming a special tribunal as per International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973.

Govt moves to bar war criminals to flee.

War criminals should be punished even if they belong to Jamaat, BNP and Awami League, Shibir said.

Speakers at a discussion urged the government to form a special tribunal for trial of the war criminals as they said it was a special crime.

The US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard A Boucher said the US would not hesitate to provide assistance, if necessary, in trying the war criminals in Bangladesh.

CPB refutes the idea.

Delwar questions the fair trial of the war crimes.

US welcomes the move of the trial of war criminals.

Jamaat plans to say sorry for 1971 political stance, not war crime; sideline controversial leaders; accept trial under UN.

Sector Commanders, intellectuals, lawyers and academicians suggested that the new government form a special tribunall and a commission to try the war criminals and collect evidences of war crimes.

Murder case, not war crimes, being probed against 2 Rajshahi arrestees; govt yet to start war criminal trial process.

Regarding trial of war criminals, Law Minister Shafique Ahmed said the government has enough information, data and proofs about the war crimes.He said the government would take steps to try the war criminals. “A tribunal will be formed after an investigation into the crimes.”
Pakistan envoy said ‘Time is not right to try 1971 war criminals’

Shahriar Kabir, Secretary General of Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee said that involvement of UN will make unnecessary delay of the trial.

Govt seeks evidence from Pakistan, US; UN named four experts to help probe

Amnesty International welcomes the UN help in war criimes trial

Process of war crimes trial kicks off 8 April, 2009. UN Resident Representative in Bangladesh Ms Renata said mistakes have been made in trials of war criminals in many countries.

Govt to amend law following Nuremberg Trial

War crimes trial process gets final shape

An ordinary citizen


1. Sentu Tikadar - February 17, 2009

It seems that Pakistan will never help Bangladesh to punish War Criminals. How they can do it? They are themselves war criminals.Dipu Moni wanted assistance regarding the trials of War Criminals and the envoy Ispahani Sa’ab said “Not at this moment…..”. Aa ha, so nicely avoiding Dipu Moni’s discussion regarding war crimes.

Pakistan will never accept Bangladesh in any way and in any form. The bilateral relation, if any, between these two countries will remain as a paper work only.

The Anti-Terror taskforce with Pakistan will be the same and remain as paper work only. It will be of no value to Bangladesh. Rather the present Govt of AL will suffer by this taskforce because if any terrorism occurs in South Asia then Pakistan will try to escape and Bangladesh will be given the responsibility to fight it. Pakistan tells any thing to any time for its benifit and safe side. As it told some days ago that Mumbai Attack was ploted in Bangladesh soil. The soil of Bangladesh is not so ‘cheap’ to plot such innocent human beings mass massacre.

No body knows in future Pakistan will send terrorists to Bangladesh to imbalance Bangladesh development. Bangladesh will be one of the developed country in South Asia and it will be the second power -Pakistan understands that and Pakistan will never be happy with the rising economy of Bangladesh.Pakistan is suffering down-economy for past decades and Pakistan already experienced that it is suffering from violent suicide bombing and blasting in own country. The terrorists made by Pakistan to harm its arch rival, those terrorist groups are making terrorism in Pakistan. The taleban occupied its Nort West and it will occupy more in coming future. This is called the punishment of the eveil work.

I do not understand why some Bangladeshi is very much interested to make bilateral relationship with Pakistan. Do they not know the inherent mentality of Pakistanis? Do they want another proof like 1971 ? Yes, they will get it in near future if Bangladeshi are not able to hang the war criminals. Why the trial responsibility shall be given to UN whose process is slow. Does Bangladesh not have any moral power and confidence to punish the war criminals.Hei Bangladesh, remember this is your last chance to take revenge of your mothers and sisters rapers, your fathers and your brothers brutal killers.Hei Bangladeshi young generation, did you forget that your fathers,uncles, brothers went to battle field to save your land, they fought with enemies wearing ‘lungi’ with empty stomach? What for they gave away their lives? Bangladeshi how many years you will take to hang the enemies of your holy mother land? How many times you will repeat that “Punishment of war criminals is an election agenda and a national demand.”

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