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BDR mutiny: this brutality has no meaning February 27, 2009

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Mutiny is calmed down. But in the course of the event- more than 100 officers are dead or missing, a few civilians are also dead and more are wounded, family members of the officers were tortured, houses were ransacked.
Officers were brutally killed or charged bayonet, the dead were dumped into the ground or thrown into the sewerage.
The picture is horrifying and beyond description.

The political leaders have done a tremendous job. We appreciate their courage and commitment, especially of our Home Minister Shahara Khatun.

We appreciate the Prime Minister Hasina’s rational approach to the situation, her personal involvement in the negotiation and appropriate leadership in a time of great crisis of the nation.

We appreciate the prudence of the Army leadership not to side step the political leadership and not to take the actions in their own hand.

We condemn those who to meet their grievances brutally killed the innocent and worthy sons of the nation.

We mourn the death of our brave officers, many of whom had served the nation greatly in their golden career. We also mourn the death of innocent family members and ordinary citizens in the incident.

We express our heartfelt sympathy for the relatives of the dead who have lost their husbands, brothers or sisters in the massacre.

We have no language left but only silent prayer to Almighty for the children who lost their parents and who will remain in shock and pain for long.

This brutality has no meaning. It is not a way to meet one’s grievances.

The government should make a thorough inquiry of the event and punish those who were involved in plotting and executing this heinous act.

An ordinary citizen


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3. bangladeshspeaks - March 1, 2009

Its a shame… its a shame. Its obvious that the BDR atrocity was not merely over their demand for better pay or ration but something that is not yet obvious.

I condemn the fierce killings of member of arm forces and their family that took place that day. Such brutal act cannot go unpunished.

The army has shown great patience and maturity in holding back their emotions and the way they dealt the situation.

Its undoubtedly remarkable the way the honorable PM Shekh Hasina handled the situation.

The country and all the political parties should now work together to identify the culprits and bring them to justice.

My heart goes out to all the souls that were lost and the family of the effected who have a difficult time ahead of them.

4. hasina huq - March 1, 2009

What have we proved ourselves as other than an “uncouth” nation?
Only if we could realize…………
We …………..are acting out irresponsively holding grudges towards our own people! A death can ‘t be any more brutal than this!

5. Rahat Zaman - March 1, 2009

It was full of bizarre and ample confusion from the very first troubled moment. It took me some time to grasp the whole reality that in the heart of Dhaka city on broad day light the BDR top brass was mercilessly butchered by their own soldiers. More I see the mutilated dead bodies coming out from mass graves one after another some with instant identifications but many not -the question striking my mind was: is this at all necessary to achieve any objective? Besides the Bangladesh satellite channels that are accessible at my North American location, I was wondering and keep failing to justify the masked and red-bandana clad BDR soldiers justifications of doing all these mess on their commanders, who were serving BDR from army on deputation , corruption, misbehave and living luxurious life! Does anybody deserve such deadly atrocities on corruption charges like our BDR officers were dying in the hands of some so called “mutineers”? What some of the BDR troopers did like killing 150 people or more just being mad dogs can be considered a mutiny in any classical sense? Come on, this is not mutiny in any sense but a heinous criminal act rather a bunch of murderers became trigger happy and killed unarmed officers in festive mood.

But wait, I heard the ill-fate deceased DG Maj Gen Shakil managed to talk to prime minister, and army chief in the wee hours of the mess; may we know what exactly Maj Gen Shakil told them and what were immediate steps taken by these two top executives to save officers lives?

An attempt to deescalate the tension, as claimed by appropriate measures necessary for that very moment the head of the government offered general amnesty, fine but why don’t we demand to learn that at the time when one DAD Touheed and his fellow “mutineers” had the privilege to meet prime minister and demanding for amnesty why didn’t prime minister demand in return to directly talk to Maj Gen Shakil and his top men who were claimed to be kept “hostage” by Touheed and his fellow men? Why didn’t a general amnesty offer was made in return of Maj Gen Shakil and all other captives safe arrival at BDR’s Main Gate besides Touheed and all his men’s arms lay down and surrender to law enforcement peacefully? Instead the nation with prime minister’s trust on bunch of criminals, allowed phase 2 and 3 killings and lootings, I would say. As if it was a picnic and some opportunity for a target practice fun, more of how to kill unarmed population was simply carried out.

And how can a few thousand people simply flee from a secured and walled fort like compound just like magic? Was there anybody responsible for preventing bunch of criminals escaping no matter what we came to know about their atrocities at that moment?

Wait, where was Sohel Taj, who was visible frequently at all time but not with a white flag entering BDR compound instead Nanak and Azam with questionable integrity did the job?

Do we feel that DAD Touheed and his men fooled, bluffed and cheated the nation by lying that Maj Gen Shakil and BDR top brass were alive but reality was by then they were all brutally killed?

6. Petro - March 9, 2009

You guys never know what is behind. It is an international conspiracy that Sh. Hasina and her government will never know. Instead of discussion she should have ordered the commandos to attack the rebels-BDR.
And her president is an old man who has no voice or sense to command the army which he heads. They claimed that to avoid civilian casualties they did not attempt to attack the rebellions. Nonsense! If would have attacked at least the few guard who were covered with red surf ,trust me others would have run and the inside supporters of army officers would have joined a counter mutiny against the rebel BDRs. And we could save hundred officers and their families who were crying for help.
Let the truth come out , you will see who were behind to make the Bangladesh a useless state…

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