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BDR ‘mutiny’: are the measures justified? March 2, 2009

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Mutiny is over.

Questions arise about the measures taken by the government. Resentment is also high in the Army camp. The opposition is criticizing the steps taken by the government in the parliament and in the press.

Khaleda Zia is saying Government made strategic mistake in controlling the mutiny. It should have been militarily negotiated. The timely and right government approach could have saved more lives of the officers and chastity of women.

The Prime Minister,Home Minister and others tried to defend the government steps in the parliament, in official meetings and in the media. They stressed that
political solution saved the lives of hundreds of the uniform personals, their family members and civilians.Any military steps would have plunge the country in deeper crisis. They were sincere in their effort and were ready to take any ultimate step if the political negotiation failed.

The ordinary citizens are caught in the controversies and are in confusion though they hoped for a unified stand from all parties on this national crisis. For the time being, let us have faith on the Prime Minister on whom resides the ultimate decision, has exerted her utmost prudence to come to the best conclusion on the basis of the information she had at that moment.

PM Hasina also declared that she has contacted USA for FBI, UK for scotland Yard and UN for an acceptable investigation of the incident.

The first Inquiry Committee is modified and Home Minister Shahara Khatun is replaced by Anisuzzaman, an ex Secretary.

From Army, it is also disclosed that a Departmental Investigative Committee will be formed to inquire into the incident.

Demands are also there to form a parliamentary committee.

We hope that through these committees truth regarding background and appropriateness of different steps will come out.

An ordinary citizen


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2. Mike - March 3, 2009

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3. Rezwan - March 3, 2009

Here is a great analysis dispelling the rumors that have been flying all around:

4. bdoza - March 4, 2009

The article ‘Pilkhana: Armchair hostage rescue’ in the E- Bangladesh is also thought provoking


5. ibne siraj - March 5, 2009

Unheard Voice expresses it’s reaction to the leaked conversation between PM and Army officers on justification of measures


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