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BDR ‘mutiny’- unanswered questions March 6, 2009

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The investigative/inquiry committees are working on finding the details of the BDR mutiny. CID, the government committee headed MR. Anisuzzaman and the Committee formed by the Army are working parallel. They also formed a common Task Force Informative(TFI) to ask the suspects combined.

In an article in the Daily Star ‘The Unanswered Questions’ they will have to find out:
a) Why the rebels kill all the officers if it was a dispute over pay and benefits?
b) Could military force have been used to quell the rebellion?
c) Could the deaths have been prevented?
d) How could this have been planned without anyone knowing?
e) What were the intelligence agencies doing ?
f) Who stands to gain from the horrific atrocity?
g) What was the mutineers’ exit strategy?
h) Whether the delay ultimately increased the death toll.
i) Whether the general amnesty declared early was properly timed.
j) Could a rapid strike from the army have saved lives?

Fragmented news are coming out from the committees unofficially. But we shall have to wait to have a comprehensive idea of the situation till the full reports from the committees are out.

An ordinary citizen

Courtesy: The photo is taken from the Daily Star


1. Karim Fakir - March 8, 2009

There are few questions missing above which is as follows:
1.Why India is so concerned about the BDRMutiny?
2.How did they know they DG BDR had been killed before the local media
experts here in Bangladesh?
3.Why our Asst.Home minister is still being out of the country in such a great desaster of our country ?
4.In what sense and clues did Indian media targeted SAKA Chowdhury?

2. Rezaul Karim - March 14, 2009

There are few questions missing above which is as follows:
1. Why BDR gate No.1 & 5 did not captured by the army on 25-26th February?
2. How huge outsider entered inside the Philkhana two times by using gate No.5?
3. Why create a scope from the government side to flew way the BDR miscreant?
4. From what authority Mr. Fazlenoor Taposh, MP published to leave the people from their residence upto 3 K.M. from Philkhana.
5. Asst.Home minister told in the middle of January in a press conference that a Janggi attach will be held in the month of February. How and from whom he informed about this?

3. bdoza - March 27, 2009

Daily Star questioned the death of BDR men under custody and wants Govt to order probe into the occurances

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