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BDR ‘mutiny’: Role of media March 8, 2009

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‘Mutiny’ in the Pilkhana caught everybody surprised. No one ever imagined such an event to be happened in Bangladesh .

People close to the Pilkhana, the high ups who were informed by the victims themselves and close relatives of endangered officers were probably the first persons who were heard or informed of the sitaution.

Most of the people knew the fact when the electronic media started to telecast the incident live. From then on People were virtually glued to the media and were following the progress of the incident.

The first interview with the mutineers was by Munni Shaha on ATN close to a BDR gate where more than half a dozen of the mutineers, some of them masked tried to express their grievances in a haphazard way. It is said afterwords that this interview and some of the others in the first day glorify the demands of the mutineers.

Probably in an oblique reference to these telecasts, the Information Minister urged the jourrnalists to play their role more responsibly.

But as a whole, electronic media tried to convey the real-time phenomenon to the viewers. The telecast not only gave an idea about what was going on around the incident in Philkhana, the footage recorded by them will also be of help to identify the criminals and to follow the course of events.

The web media also make the issue lively in the internet. Bloggers, social networkers and web hosters discussed the different aspect of the issue, projected pictures, audios and videos and expressed their opinion unhindered. The web this time attract more young viewers than the print media and presented more information and thoughts.

It looks that the Bangladesh web media will be more vibrant with increased number of visitors in future. One advantage of web media is that there is scope for every visitor to participate in the discussion and it is so interactive which is not so with the print media or tv channels.

With time web media will be more popular and more representative.

An ordinary citizen


1. Global Voices Online » Bangladesh: Role Of Media In Covering The BDR Mutiny - March 9, 2009

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2. ibne siraj - March 11, 2009

Global Voice reported banning of You Tube in Bangladesh

Unheard Voice expressed its frustration over the steps taken by the Government

3. saiful islam - March 16, 2009

The BDR carnage was a systematic preplanned killing of the best collection of army officers who were national assets. Nothing can replace this damage. This has severely affected the morale of all members of the armed forces. The junior officers believed military action could have been the best option to take control of the situation given the fact the rebels were too afraid to run away if army moved in. However, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh wisely opted for a peaceful solution rather than purely military action, fearing it could mess up the conflict into a full-blown bloodbath within the BDR compound. The decision was very critical, which is now proved to have been handled with remarkable political wisdom and foresight, resolve and equanimity. The army has also shown remarkable good sense, they remained absolutely steadfast to the unified command though there were many agitation and anger under the uncertainly of the situation and external provocation. While the officers were struggling to comfort each other from the grief, I find some strong media sympathetically glorifying the demands of the mutineers. I have only two questions to ask them,1. Why they had to kill them all and conduct such carnage before communicating their demands? 2. When the PM promised to consider all their demands, why they all chose to abscond? This kind of journalism adds more scars to our wounds and creates unrest in the society. Let us all pray so that we all remain united and draw strength from the loss to serve the nation better.

4. bdoza - March 16, 2009

The Bangladesh print media is also acknowleding the ever increasing influence of the web media
গত মােস ঢাকায় িবিডঅার িবেদચােহর সময়ও অামােদর অাশઝয় করেত হয় িবিডিনউজ ডট কম বা মানবািধকার সংগঠন দৃিੈপােতর িনজসં বઇগ ‘অানহাডગ ভেয়েসস’-এর ওপর৷


5. Mithoo - March 22, 2009

Thanks to PM for this peaceful solution of BDR mutiny by killing 70 brilliant army officers!

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