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Rajshahi University violence: student politics should be banned/restricted March 14, 2009

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A massive clash between the students of Shibir and Bangladesh Chattra League had taken place yesterday in Rajshahi University with the death of a student leader of Shibir and injury of hundred of students on both sides.

The clash erupted few days back and Shibir viirtually took over the control of the residential halls ousting the BCL cadres from the university. Police raided the halls and arrested more than 50 cadres of Shibir from the hall on the thursday night.

The authority closes the university sine a die and asked the students both male and female to leave their dormatories. To avoid further clash, the Rajashahi Govt College and the Rajshahi Medical College are also closed down.

People are worried with the development of power struggle among the studdent factions. With the coming of the political government into power, the equillibrium in the universities has been disturbed. The pro-government party with the support of the law enforcing agencies, as our tradition goes, is trying to establish their supremany in the campus.

In the process, students are killed or injured, teachers are harrassed, administrators are threatened, parents feel woried, classes are closed, dormatories vacated, session become jammed, adademic exercise stopped and nation lags behind.

During last Caretaker Government, discussion was ripe
whether the student politics should be banned or not, consensus developed about not to totally ban the student politics but to modify its pattern. Election Commission was in favour of banning the student wing of the political party in the campus as a precondition of registration of the political parties. But EC had to compromise on the point on the insistance of the major political parties.

We feel that if the student politics continue in this fashion, then our academic atmosphere will be more jeopardised.

All the political parties should ponder over the matter and come to a consensus. It is sure the advantage the pro-government faction is enjoying now, will be faded with time and we in no way could come out of the vicious cycle.

To fulfull the vision 2021, we need our student politics to be moulded accordingly to fulfill the dream.

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