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A judge is changing the face of Pakistan March 16, 2009

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Pakistan again came to limelight of the international news with the long march of opposition lead by Nawaj Sharif and others for reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftekhar Muhammed Choudhry.

President Zardari took the matter differently, banned the rally and meetings  and ordered Nawaj Sharif to keep under house arrest. He defied the ban and joined the march towards Islamabad to gherao parliament. Nawaz Sharif complained that Zardari violated the initial agreement where they agreed to reinstate Chief Justice and about 60 other Judges who were overthrown by the Mushaarraf Military Government. Earlier he left the government coalition,the Supreme Court disqualified Nowaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz, Governor of Panjab to compete in the election.

Chief of Army Kayani intervened in the development and asked Zardari to reinstate Iftekhar to the post of Chief Justice.

At the climax of the event, when people were speculating everything, Gilani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan declared the reinstatement of the former Chief Justice.

Iftekhar Muhammed Choudhry spearheaded the fall of Musharraf in 2008 after he was sacked by Musharraf in 2007 for challenging the president’s irregularities. Musharrf compelled to arrange general election and pave the way for the political government to come to the power. We were observing from then on how stubborn and courageous a man could be that he defies the red eye of a military dictator, who had the blessings of the superpower and whose support USA was counting dearly for its war against terrorism. He took the physical and mental stress to organize the meetings and processions in different streets and towns. Bombs disrupted his meeting and lawyers were killed and injured. He was jailed and put behind the bars. Zardari after taking the power forget to reinstate Iftekhan as Zardari was charged for corruption and he was afraid that Eftekhar may not compromise with a sitting president on the issue of corruption. Newaj Sharif was all along insisting on the pledge to fulfill and ultimately succeeded in his endeavor.

This change may consolidate democracy and uphold justice in Pakistan.

We also appreciate the decision of the resignation of  Minister of Information, who is a memeber of Bhutto family  on the move of the government to restrict the media coverage of the movement.

An ordinary citizen


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