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Shadow of militancy over Bangladesh April 2, 2009

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For the last few weeks news related with militancy had occupied the headlines of daily newspapers of Bangladesh. The BDR carnage of 25th February shocked and shake the nation tremendously. Inquiry committees have been formed to trace out the truth behind the carnage. Col(Rt) Faroque Khan was made coordinator of the committees. He commented that there is direct evidence of militant connection with the Pilkhana evet. It is said that many of BDR arrested were members of the militant groups. People felt awe with the disclosure and worried about the impact of militancy in future. Though later he withdrew his comment saying that it is his personal assumption but people will not be sure about the connection until the final reports come out.

Mr. Anisul Hoque, President of FBCCI said that we should be cautions to tell anything in relation to militants as it will affect our image outside, may affect our export and remittance.

militants-at-bholaIn the meantime, a sizable amount of ammunition discovered from a madrasha in Bhola which is financed by an NGO based in UK. The Chief of the NGO is arrested but no case so far lodged against him. Few teachers of the madrasha are also taken into custody.

Special alerts have been taken by the law enforcing agencies. Koimi Madrashas are under watch. The English medium schools are instructed to take precautions at the entrance of the school. Out of precaution, PM cancelled her visit to the parade of police forces.

The Home Minister said that every militant will be brought out even if they remain under ground.

Some intellectuals and citizen groups are in favour of changing the present divided trends of education into one.

The law minister said in a discussion meeting that the the madrashas are the production field of militants in our country.

Many critics do not agree with the notion of the government and they think that the Govt is exaggerating the facts to create an environment to form a Regional/Bilateral Task Force to combat militancy. This group is against the regional task force as it may invite international militants to infiltrate in our country. They argue that Bangladesh is capable to control its militancy by itself and militancy is under well control now. They also alleged that some quarters are trying to potray Bangladesh as a militant state which is not true according to them.

For an ordinary citizen, there is only to wait and see the developments and pray for the best of the country and for the people.

An ordinary citizen

Courtesy for Photo: Daily Star


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