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Increasing bunden on AL-led government April 10, 2009

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AL led coalition win the last parliamentary election with 3/4th majority and formed the government. People has very high hopes as they were impressed by the commitment AL has given in its manifesto with a vision for 2021 and Digital Bangladesh.

AL had formed the government mostly with new faces leaving aside the veterans like Tofael Ahmed, Suranjit Sangupta, Amir Hussain Amu and Abdur Razzak who had link with the reform process in the party during the regime of the caretaker government. The step was appreciated as bold and courageous by many they thought the new faces without record of corruption would boost the image of the government but the alieniation of the senior leaders may increase the burden on the government.

Just only after one and half month in the Government, PM Hasina had to face the BDR mutiny where about 70 army officers were killed in a most tragic way, though controlled by the government in the coldest possible way without further bloodshed but created a rift between the Army and the the present government.

After the new government takes over the power, its student wing started to take control of the university campuses and residential halls. They had to overcome the resistance from other parties and had to face intra party feuds which is still parsisting and throws a challenge for the new government to maintain peace and continuity of education in the academic institutions.

The Government has declared the trial of anti-liberation forces as their priority as they have declared it in their manifesto. Government is takings steps to appoint prosecutors, set the courts and select the lawyers. They have also sought the UN support though Shahriar Kabir, the Secretary of the GDNK was against the association. UN Country Coordnator Ms Reneta said that mistakes were made in many countries in trial of war criminals. Bangladesh shouldn’t make those mistakes.

Mass transfer and putting as OSD in the sectariat and in the governemnt services created a sort of panic and frustration among the emplyees.

The government has taken decision to cancel the lease of Begum Khaleda Zia’s cantonment house which provoked criticism by many and protests by the BNP leaders and activists. They have threatened to wage country-wide agitation if the decision is not reversed.

Anti-Corruption Commission refused to respond to the call of Committee on Public undertakings on the ground that it is unconstitutional and a controversy arises out of it. Lack of strong legal and constitutional ground may tarnish the image of the Government in fighting corruption which is already affected due to resignation of Lt. General(Rt) Mashhud Choudhury as the Chairman of the ACC.

Though Bangladesh could avoid the immediate the effect of the world economic recession, the world economic bodies and experts hunch that it would be affected in the this year with fall in exports and remittance and a lower GDP.

The government has dissolved Local Government Commission and passed the Law for Upazilla Parishad modified from its original spirit curtailing the power of the upazilla chairmen and subjecting them to the authority of the local MPs. This has created resentment in among the upazilla chairmen and frustration among the proponents of the strong local governments in Bangladesh. The upazilla chairmen threaten to wage movement and take legal action against the proceeding in he high court.

The Finace Minister MA Muhith acknowledged that the government would not be able to fulfill its commitment in power sector by 3 years which would be extended to 5 years.

The best achievement so far the Government could made is in lowering the price of essentials which is acclaimed by the common people.

(An observation by an ordinary citizen)


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