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Bangladesh announces stimulus package for economic recession April 20, 2009

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stimulus-packageFinance Minister MA Muhith has declared the long awaiting stimulus package to combat economic recession in Bangladesh.
Daily Star
Prothom Alo
Finance Minster said that the package is not all. Government is also giving tax rebit and banks will give more credit support to the businesses.

The package was appraciated by the economists but to business lesders it falls short of expectations, specially the garments sector feels that it was neglected in the package.
The Daily Star in its editorial urges the goverment to reach the target sector in time. An Star Analysis says it is a wise first recession step.
Stimulus package also puzzles the leather industry.
Primary Textile Sector also urge the government to extend the incentive to the textile industries.
MA Muhith,Minister for Finance said that necessary modifications will be made to relieve the grivances and said spinners will be included in the package.

Recession is already creeped into Bangladesh and now it is time to see how effectively the package could help in combating the recession.

An ordinary citizen


1. mizan - July 20, 2009

stimulus package is sometimes well and work splendidly, but there are some supervisory measures need to be taken by govt. to ensure that it is going to enhance consumer confidence,revitalize the market,increase the employment,diversify the production sector etc. apparently, this stimulus package is not for the diversification of the export sector that would have been more worthy measure for the well being of the country’s export measure but for the businessmen to recover the loss incurred due to low demand of their already made product in the international market.It is given as a compensation, as simple as that. Export sector, particularly RMG and leather sector is the example.but agriculture loan and agriculture sector prioritization has been a appreciable step. we must acknowledge it. but to make it more effective, Govt.need to ensure that this reaches to the target group.

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