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Power of Blogging April 24, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Blogging.

I was thinking writing  on this topic one year back as a sequel to my posts ‘Blogging-the beauty of mind’ and Blog,blogging and Bangladesh. Many days have passed and the power of blogging is more obvious than ever.

At present, millions of people have their own blogs , thousands are opening blogs daily. There are many blog platfroms and more are coming up and many people have blogs of their own platform.

People of every subjects are using blogs for expressing their views- no one falling behing. Politicians, scientists, economists, physicians , journalists. 

Recently I have encountered the blog of new Prime  Minister of Malaysia Najib Tun Razak who also maintains a twitter in his blog. Opposition leader Anwer also has his own blog.

The TV presenters who like to have a constant contact with audiances have blogs to get the feedback from them. CNN AC360 degree maintans a very popular blog of this nature.

Newspapers also has set their electronic edition in such a way that the readers can comment on each news like blogs. Some newspapers also open blogs to engage the readers in collective blogging under their guidance. Prothom Alo from Bangladesh started such a blog recently.

Many activists take up the blog to persue their ideals. Blogs are better media for expressing differences more staightway.  It does not need to compromise on contents like that of traditional media. Bloggers are therefore not only drawing the attention of the viewers but it also drawinng the rath of the repressive governments.  Bloggere are now threatened; blogs are closed down or obstructed from viewing; blogggers are arrested and tortured. Very recently an young Iranian blogger died in the jail.

That day is not far away, when every literate man/woman will have a blog where he/she would express  views, discuss intersts and keep contact with  friends and relatives.

The writers will  write their novels and stories in their blogs,likewise the journalists will write  columns, scientists will disclose their ideas, physians will share his experience and politicians will keep contact with the people through their blogs.

Blogs will be powerful expression of the opinion of the people on current affairs and on state policies. The role of blogs is felt in geting information regarding BDR mutiny in Bangladesh. Inquisitives searched  the blogs for more ready information. In narrating the incident the blogs beutifully interwined the social media (face book ) and twitter with its own content.

In future, editors will buy the articles and columns from the blogs of the journlaists, the publishers will contact the writers after a glipse of content in the blog, the scienctists will be invited to the conferences depending on the articles published and link cited in their blogs.

We are approaching to the age of the blogging.

An ordinary citizen


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