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May Day: Giving a share of profit to workers May 1, 2009

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May Day parade: Daily Star

May Day parade: Daily Star

May Day is observed throughout the world. Workers of different countries expressed their grievances and demanded better salary and other facilities. In Bangladesh also workers got a break from their job and marched the streets of different cities and organised meetings and raised their voices for better salary and better livelihood.

In Bangladesh, the poitical parties also are staging showdown for the poors. The new government has organised a May Day grand meeting in Paltan maidan to commomorate the day and to express solidarity with the working force of the country. PM Hasina declared that the closed industries will be reopen to employ the workers. She also assures that the workers will be given share to the mills and factories. BNP, the major opposition party also declared a meeting tomorrow in the same venue to project their stand.

The lot of the workers is not changing with time though garments sector is the senond largest earners of the country where lacs of workers are engaged. The picture in other sectors is also same. They are not getting the minimum salary they are supposed to get, the working hour is more than 8 hours, are not given appropriate extra charges for their extra work, long term benefit such as gratuity and pensions are absent, no job security, in most of the industries no healthy environment, no health support for the workers and their family, no support for the education of their children, no adequate compensation for the workers in case of death or injury on job.

The owners in the name of competitive world market are keeping the salary of the workers below the minimum. Every year some horrible incedents occur in the garment factories where the workers at one stage of their movement vandalise the factories, obstruct the roads and damage the vehicles.There are speculation that some vested circles exploit the resentment of the workers to damage the reputation of the garment sector of our country. In 2008, when there were signs of agitations, the then Adviser for the Caretaker Government for Local Government, labour and Industries urged the garment owners to increase the salary and improve the environmet of the workers.

The ordianry citizen strongly favours the distribution of a percentage of the profit (10%) to the workers in addition to the minimum salary and previlege they are supposed to get according to the international law. The government and the owners of the factories, industires and companies should mull over the matter on this May Day.

An ordinary citizen


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