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Solar Energy: alternative source of energy for Bangladesh May 11, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, TECHNOLOGY.

Solar Power programeBangladesh is suffering from acute shortage of electricity -to overcome the crisis, Government is mulling developing atomic energy and also utilising other sources.

Under the crisis, an alternative source of energy is expanding in Bangladesh specially in rural Bangladesh -the solar energy in the absence and inadequacy of continuous supply of electricity to the rural people.

Solar energy is a renewable energy without causing pollution to the environment.

In the last 4th January 2009, the Caretaker Government at its fag end, has formulated plans to spread solar facility to more villages, sub urban areas and cities.To support the spread it is suggested to lessen the tariff and taxes from the imported items.

The maximum electricity  that a solar panel can produce is 130 Watt(130 wup). By this panel, 11 CFL (compact florescent lamp) of 6 watt power and a 17-20 inches back and white TV can run. Fan conducted on DC current can also be run by this solar energy. To procure a solar panel one has to pay 15% down payment, the rest is covered by installments, total costs stand at Taka 68000. Direct purchase costs 2 thousand 720 less. The maintenance cost for the panel is very low. The companies also give 20-25 years of warranty.

Grameen Sakti and few other companies are working to provide solar energy to the villages in Bangladesh. The companies are also interested to extend the service to the city dwellers.

In this sector , there is scope for both local and foreign investment. There is also scope for both private and public entrepreneurship.

It is learnt that the amount of investment in this energy sector in rural area per year is more than 2500 crore. 60% of this invested in solar panel, total of which requires to be imported from outside. 25% is invested in battery and the rest 15% in small mechanical parts. Batteries and accessories are all produced in the country. In near future, the solar panel will also be produced locally.

According to the insiders of the serving companies- about 20 thousand workers including 5 thousand engineers work in this sector. They hope that 1 lac people will work in this sector by 2015.

Now, more than 3 lac houses (.3m) of 465 upazilla of all the districts and 16 islands are getting the light of solar energy. The beneficiaries of this system is about 30 lac( 3 m). 44 megawatt electricity is produced everyday from the solar projects in Bangladesh.

We hope that the present government will explore the potential of solar energy for Bangladesh and will provide necessary support to develop this industry in the country.

(Sourtce: Prothom Alo, 9 May, 2009)

An ordinary citizen


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1. Sadaipati.com - May 11, 2009

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3. irtiza104 - May 16, 2009

hi, nice post on renewable energy. we can clearly see that you have spent much time to collect these stats and write this post. i also have some posts on environment and renewable energy. if you wish you can check out this post: http://lifeasiknowit22.blogspot.com/2009/04/bloggers-unite-earth-day-2009_22.html

4. Omar Faruque - October 11, 2009

Nice post. I am doing some research on Solar Manufacturing facilities, and the man power needed to assemble the PV panels. I live in the USA and the demand of Solar Panels are great here, but the price is pretty high. I am looking into the possibilities of assembling Panels in Bangladesh and import them to the US and Europe. Any articles and links will be greatly appreciated. I grew up in Bangladesh so pretty familiar with the culture and people there. Thanks in advance.

5. bdoza - October 13, 2009

You can better contact Grameen Shakti:

Grameen Shakti
Grameen Bank Bhaban
Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216
Tel: 9004081, 9004314
FAX: 880-2- 8035345
E-mail: g_shakti@grameen.net
Web: http://www.gshakti.org

6. Ray - October 24, 2009

Good to see solar panels being actively used to provide a real benefit.

7. Engr.Md.Akhteruzzaman - February 3, 2010

Dear Sir,
I’m an Engineer.My experiance is in Battery manufacturing field, So I’m now
started a small business about renweble energy like solar system, Biogas system.My office is ECO Energy System west kazipara, Mirpur,Dhaka


8. Engr.Md.Akhteruzzaman - February 3, 2010

Omar Faruque vi,
How are you? Your future plane is very nice.I will help you abot solar pv assemling plant


9. Babu - February 15, 2010

Hi, i would like to purchase a solar panel for 6energy light & 1fan . but my budget is not enough as i heard. can i get any hep rom you to miimize the cost. Thanks // Babu-01912096076

bdoza - February 16, 2010

I am simply a blogger.

10. Md. Tanshen - March 9, 2010

I am Tanshen. I need a solar energy system for one fan, two light, black & white TV.
Please give me price list.
My cell phone number is 01914-738275.

bdoza - March 9, 2010

Please contact the Grameen Shakti.

11. jahangir alam - March 11, 2010

Hello, this is jahangir from saudi arabia, i need a solar energy sistem for my home in bd, capacity should 4 lights, & atleast 3 fans & 1 color tv.
i need price for above mentinoned, urgently please.
Best Regards,
Jahangir Alam
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12. Aupi - March 25, 2010

HI I,m Aupi I,m in need of a solar panal for a fan ,two energy saver of 23watt.could anybody please tell me the price ?

13. Ahmad - March 29, 2010

LG – Butterfly is offering SOLAR, go and get it ! njoy.

14. Fakhruddin Mahmood - April 1, 2010

I greatful to you if you provide your price rate of Solar energy.

bdoza - April 1, 2010

Sorry, I have no business on solar energy.

15. green4living - May 1, 2010

Renewable, alternative energy like the one derived from nontraditional sources such as sunlight, wind, or geothermal heat, that can replace traditional fossil-fuel sources, as coal, oil, and natural gas is the kind of energy we should all consider as the only alternative for the future.


16. Ahsan ullah - May 25, 2010

Nice post.Hi i am ahsanullah, student of EEE. I am doing some research on Solar power cell. could u plz help me in any way like any articles or links. i will be very greatfull.

17. Md.Ab Hasan - September 5, 2010

It is urgent to spread over this technique all over the country.

18. Mamun - September 17, 2010

Digital Technology offer solar irrigation system, power solution for home and commercial lighting, multi purpose power generation use, solar mini grid system. Digital Technology doing first time solar billboard lighting in Bangladesh which is the first time of its kind of work.

We are also expertise in energy auditing, minimizing and designing effective power consumption solution.

19. md.shahed - September 28, 2010

low cost solar inverter, controller

20. Fiza - November 22, 2010

i m a student of nsu and i m doing a research on solar energy as a means for developing rural areas o bangladesh.cud anybody help me by giving some links n articles?plz

21. Engr. Md. Rezaul Karim - January 18, 2011

Most of the Bangladeshi people are not well known with solar energy. But there are many companies and govt.organization (REB, PDB) trying to introduce solar energy to the rural people. As a result till today, many villagers are accessing solar electricity by installing solar home system at their home. I’ve seen that there is no body to control & monitor and enhance this sector to consider our rural people financial capability. If we fail to continue this expansion of solar / renewable energy sector with quality then we’ve no alternative energy to lead our civilized live. So we have to be smart accountant to use & produce our daily usage energy. Restriction must have to import the low/poor efficient solar module since this is too much difficult.

22. Engr. Md. Rezaul Karim - January 18, 2011

There are many business man & company of solar energy but there is no mentionable number of experienced expert working in this very very important sector of Bangladesh. Renewable energy sector of Bangladesh is completely staying out of own technology. We have to adjust it with our environmental supported technology to get maximum efficiency. So we’ve to apply our knowledge considering our global position.

23. Md.Abdul Kadir - February 2, 2011

Dear Concern

I have solar business that is newly started.
Pls help me to provide product list with price and detailed technical specifications.

24. Md.Abdul Kadir - February 2, 2011

Dear Concern,

Now, solar system is gaining popularity in our country.

25. Vladimir Karasev - February 3, 2011

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26. MOHAMMAD MOHIUDDIN - February 20, 2011

One of the largest company in Bangladesh for solar power solution

Allied Solar Energy Ltd
446/B Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh
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27. miah - March 18, 2011

i have house in chittagong. i am looking for solar energy. phone no 0044 07565647020

28. Sharmy Mazhar - April 2, 2011

I’m a student of MBA and doing a thesis on marketing analysis on Solar panels in Bangladesh special emphasis on the rural side of Bangladesh. Have you any related article on the subject? please let me know.
Thanks and regards.

29. bdoza - April 4, 2011

Good choice. Why don’t you make a google search on your need and see what it can provide. Here is a link I have made on ‘solar panels in rural Bangladesh’. See whether it could serve your purpose or search with different terms.

30. Engr. Md. Kamal Hossaine - July 13, 2011

Anybody can receive many information regarding solar systems from this site. I think it will helpful for all of us. Two things are very important —

1. Right knowledge , expert hand and proper use.
2. Monitoring team and a professional guideline from the government.


Engr. Md. Kamal Hossaine
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31. Denny Mishler - July 19, 2011

Those do it yourself solar powered sets, to my surprise, actually work, and do a pretty good job. I saved a pretty penny partly switching to solar power. Has anyone else used a kit like this? I am not sure what’s a great kit, but the one I used is linked to by my name . It was actually really good.

32. rajon - January 24, 2012

i want start solar panel/equipment manufacturing in small scale for this i want technical & funding help

33. asgar ali mamun - October 19, 2012

hi,i want 2 do business in noakhali of solar energy so tell me how can i .01920734758

34. Vladimir Karasev - October 19, 2012

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35. Abdul Mannan - May 9, 2013

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36. Md. Badrul Alam, Technology Advisor, iDE-Bangladesh - June 6, 2013

iDE-Bangladesh is searching low cost aprropriate and affordable Solar powered water lifting pump for both in irrigation and drinking water.

37. solar lighting - November 10, 2013

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40. Expert Engineering & Interior Company - May 10, 2014

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41. howdosolarpanelswork.net - October 31, 2014

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42. Solar Energy Society Of India Ngo - Green Energy Efficiency - January 1, 2015

[…] Solar Energy: alternative source of energy for … – May 11, 2009 · Solar Energy: alternative source of energy for Bangladesh May 11, 2009 Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, TECHNOLOGY. Tags: Solar energy …… […]

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