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Nazrul -Our National Poet May 27, 2009

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Nazrul -1Kazi Nazrul Islam is the second to Rabindranath as poet in Bangla Literature. During Rabindranath life time and even after, there is none other than Nazrul who could challenge the dominance of Rabindranath at least in some domains of literature.

Nazrul who born in 1988, his 110th Birth Anniversary was observed on 25th of May, 2009.

Nazrulcame to the filed of literature in all of a sudden like a comet in 1920s with his poems creating a stir in the literary circle then mainly based in calcutta.

He then wrote relentlessly in different field of literature- poetry, songs,novel, short story etc. There was some reluctance to accept him as an independent genius but it is Rabindranath himself who extended his testimony to this new star of Bangali Literature.

Him poems came with a new style, more rebellious in tune for which he was named “Rebel Poet’,  beautiful choice of words mingled with words from Arabic, Persian and other literature gave a new dimension to our literature

In addition to his poem, he composed thousands of songs of different nature ranging from nationalistic to spiritual creating a trend in music known as ‘Nazrul Giti’ and surpassing in number than any other composer in Bengali. It is heard to believe that he used to write ten to 12 songs a day. His total number of songs is 4000, but many of them are lost.

He was a natural writer, wherever he goes, he absorbed in his writing in the midst of a gathering, by the side of a pond or looking through a window.

He led a life with multiple experiences, starting from working in a grocery shop in his early days to joining  in the British Army in the 1st World War.

He also associated with the then independent movement of the country that wanted to free the country from the British by military means. Many of his poems has sympathetic to the group. He also edited some literary magazines which had impact on the Contemporary time and thereafter.

He was put to jail for his opposition to the British occupation of India in his journal and in his works of literature.

Nazrul is a symbol of communal coexistence in his own life and literature. After his failed first marriageto a Muslim family, his lasting married life was with PromilaDevi from a Hindu Family of the then East Bengal who gave birthto his two children. He wrote religious songs on both the major religions practiced in the area and his songs on Islam still the best on the subject.

Nazrul songs and poems acted as the sustained source of inspiration for the liberation war of Bangladesh and one of his song was the war song of the liberation war.

Nazrul become speechless since 1942 that cut short his productive life and creating a vacuum in the literary field of Bengal. He was brought to Bangladesh in 1973 by  Bangabandhu Sk Mujibar Rahman and honoured him as the National Poet of Bangladesh.

One thing remain always a mystery to me is how Nazrul being of a poor background and working odd jobs since his childhood attained such a mastery over literature and made a lasting impression in the field?

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1. maruf - July 4, 2009

consist of much wrong information

bdoza - July 4, 2009

Please elaborate on your comment.

2. ARIF - August 21, 2009

Great Poet of the World is Kazi Nazrul Islam.

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