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Pakistan: What is after Swat? June 5, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, International Affairs.
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SWAT-VALLEY_02_21Pakistan Army is fighting  the Talibans in the Swar Valley . Earlier,  to confine the Talibans and then to destroy their bases the civil population of the Swat Valley was shifted out of the area. It is estimated that about 2 million people had to displaced from Swat Valley.

After days of fighting  Pakistan Army could hold some control over the valley which was earlier under the control of Talibans.

But could  Pakistan  Government  keep its control over the  valley for long? It is dificult to predict this for an ordinary citizen from distant.

At the start of the Afgan War, Talibans were confined in Afganistan. When the International Alliance led by USA swept over the country, many Talibans fled to and took shelter at Pak -Afgan Border. USA repeatedly urged Pakistan to take actions against the build up of militants at the border. Later on they even used ‘Drone’ piliot warplane to fight the talibans.

The ordinary citizen is not aware why the Talibanism is sreading into  Pakistan? Is it strategic failure of USA and it’s Alliances or  is it a failure of the Afgan Government to negitiate the Talibans or is it a  policy failure on the part of Pakistan?

The ordinary citizen predicts that the stretagy taken by Pakistan will dessiminate the terrorist activites to other cities of Pakistan and will make the life of the citizens and the state of the governance more miserable.

Is their any other way to contain the violence? Is it possible to bring the Taliban in the political process of the countries like Afganistan  and Pakistan? In the course of time common people are supposed to reject the extreme fanaticism that these forces are advocating.

I am doubtful about wiping out the Talibansm by absolute military means, we should also think some sort of political means to combat it. 

The rise of militancy in Pakistan will not be a  good sign for its neighbours.

 An ordinary citizen


1. pakistanfront - June 5, 2009

I am doubtful about wiping out the Talibansm by absolute military means, we should also think some sort of political means to combat it.

Yes, that’s true. But Pakistan is taking good actions militarily as well as politically to combat these FAKE TALIBAN. You may be surprised to know that not all of them are even MUSLIMS. Many of them are NON-MUSLIMS. So how a non-muslim could be considered as Talib?

These FAKE TALIBAN are infect armed by the indians and by the americans. Pakistani Military had recovered a lot of made in India and made in America weapons from them. Many of them are Gorkhas, Tajik from Norther Afghanistan and Uzbiks.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to use full force against these INTRUDERS who are hiding themselves as TALIBAN.



2. Ibne Siraj - June 5, 2009

It is said from Pakistan Government that there are 25000 Talibans in the Swat Valley. How many of them are ‘Fake’? Is it possible for these fakes to conceal themselves in a hostile country and in a different ennvorment ?

It is easy to blame others and to deny one’s responsibiliity but not easy to convice all.

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