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Professional Militarism vs Corporate Militarism June 11, 2009

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I had no idea about the terms. I first came accross the terms in a discussion program on a TV channel when a Professor of international Law of a university raised the issue in his deliberation.

By Professional militarism , he means the militay of a country who are committed to their profession- safeguarding the country, making the border-nonporous and maintaining the integrity of the country.

On the otherhand, by Corporate Militarism he means when the Army is more engaged in corporate business and enterprizes.

The prime example of Corporate Militarism is of Pakistan where the Army runs many corporate businesses and make huge profit from these enterprises and share them among the members of the Army of past and present.

When corporate attitude enters into the minds of a professional army, compromise regarding commitment to the profession, integrity of the character and devotion to the work would take place.

One of the factors for the failure of Pakistani Army to contain the Taliban might be a due to corporate compromise in the commitment of Pakistan Army.

Bangladesh Army has a good reputaion as a professional Army and have proved their worthiness in the peach keeping mission of UN in different countries.

But is Bangladesh approaching to the Corporate Militarism? The learned speaker raised the question as the Chief of Army holds the chairmanship of a corporate bank and the Army recently innugurated a five star hotel of their own in the capital.

The ordinary citizen has little knowledge to make further comment.

An ordinary citizen

Link: BBC: Bangladesh Army’s advancing business interest


1. Inside Bilderberg - July 29, 2010

Good read!

The “Military Industrial Complex” is one of the worlds biggest problems.

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