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Making the Cyberspace Safe for Children June 16, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Internet.
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Internet_map_1024More and more children are using Internet for social networking, acquiring knowledge and as a means of entertainment. But Cyberspace is not absolutely safe for the children.

One think is not clear to me is that while so many invention or program have been made in relation to Internet, why making the cyberspace safe for the children didn’t get the priority. Is it due to liberal western attitude towards sex?

I am glad to notice that where West fails,the East come up with a solution. Chinese Software Company Xinhu marketed a program which will block the unwanted sites based on database of words. By this software, the family as a whole, specially children will remain safe from the erotic sites.

The parents or guardians can block the sites by writing words to be blocked by using the software in their personal computers or the computers used by the children.

At times, I was feeling frustrated as on the one hand, we are willing our children to use the Internet more but on the other hand, we keep the Internet unsafe for the children from obscene sites. I, a father of two children, felt relieved as China, a great country of Eastern Philosophy where people want their children grow with good morality and with an attitude of Conservative sexual outlook, floated the program.

I also appreciate the sponsors that the Program will remain free for a year so all the personal computers remain safe for the children.

The Chinese Government also took a laudable step to distribute the software free in the Internet.

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1. children software - July 20, 2009

Will back to read your other useful post 😉

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