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Is it the end of Regime of Iran Islamic Revolution? June 21, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, International Affairs.
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Iran turns into Regime of Islamic Revolution in 1979 ousting the then King Reza Shah Pahlavi by public upsurge led by Ayatullah Khomeini, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Since then Iran turns into a theocratic state, controlled by the clerics. The regime could sustained almost 30 years despite the conflict and opposition from outside and inside.

But turmoil that has erupted out of 12 June 2009 general election result where Ahmadinejad was declared winner and not accepted by Mousavi and other candidates and thier followers. The disgruntled supporters were staging relentless demostrations in the streets of Tehran and other cities in thousands denouncing the result of the election condemning it as massively rigged.

I made time to hear the sermon of Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader and most powerful person of the statehood of Iran, presented in the last friday prayer. I was expecting that he would made a reconciliation between the potesters and declared winners. But his tone became gradually tougher after elaborating the background of the presidential candidates from Mushabi to Ahmadinijad. He tried to portray that the 4 presidential candidates are their men, they are part of Islamic revolution of Iran, at different times they serve the government and selected by the Guardian’s Counci to compete in the election.
Iran Supreme Leader

He also appreaciated the protesters and their participation in shaping the democracy in Iran.He also argued that their protest is not against the regime.

But in conlusion, he expressed his strongest support for Ahmadinejad saying there was no rigging in the election but there may be some irregularities. He said if there is any dispute that will be solved within the set rules of the system.

He also threatened that from now on no protest will be tolerated and the protesters will have to bear the consequences.

During the sermon, Ahmedinejad and one more candidate were present. The other two were not seen
in the video-footage.

Khameini was highly critical of UK and other westrn power accusing them meddling the Iran’s internal affairs and trying to manipulate the election result in their own line of interest.

I thought that Khameini will declared a solution that will be acceptable to all parties,at least -recounting of all the votes, if fresh election is not acceptable. But he only agreed to partly count the votes- hardly 10% of the total.

It is now time to see how Mousavi and his supporters decide their own ways and react to the speech.

It is difficult to understand why the spiritual leaders like Khameini and members of the Guardian Council compromise with the minimum ethical standard where ‘all the candidates are my men’.

Is the Guardian Council at conflict with the Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khameini? If there is gross irregularities , it is certain to happen.

Is the Regime of Islamic Revolution at the end of its tenure?

The best period of Islamic statehood -the Khilafat e Rasul was also sustained for nearly 30 years only and then assination of Hazrat Ali led to the end of the period.

Will Iran embrace the same fate?

An ordinary citizen

Post link:
Reuter: Iran system seen resilient despite election rift

Iran Power Structure


1. islami sohbet - June 25, 2009

very nice blog thanks

2. Mushtaba - July 17, 2009

hello i am from Afghanistan i want to come iran by car and stuggle i want know- may i gave work in iran or no please

bdoza - July 17, 2009

I am from Bangladesh. You can write directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran.

3. mizan - July 21, 2009

before i am commenting on Iran, let me put some questions. which nation on earth are critical to iran or vice versa? how the information on iran about its election result are coming to us? do we really think that any stable Iran, when the Govt.on power are hostile to US, will make US happier?

US never wants to see iran becomes a stable country in the world.in this point there is no doubt.what US would try to make is to revert the Iran before 1979. They were waiting for long time to get chance. this election has given them a chance to stage destabilization of Iran.

It will not difficult to understand the trickery of western media especially CNN that they have taken a stand. Its standpoint is to change the regime anyhow which will hinder the smooth progress of Iran and eventually enervate irans occupation in world politics.CNN before the election tried to opinionate the world by dessiminating the mousavis news and events only, showing shameless prejudice to a party. continuous showing procession of mousavy supporter, interviewing party leader and people who support mousavy were to view that musavi is going to win and ahmedinjad has had no chance at all.This manipulated news is again being quoted by the national media.as famous writer ARUNDHATI roy has said about media “we the people in the world are livng in second hand world.” this time this has proved again.

the third question is basically for the US leaders specially for the previous president and his cohorts. they are passing their time with unease and discomfort. failure failure! failure in Iraq, failure in afgan failure in pak slap in palestine by hamas slap by hizbullah on israel all have made them mad to search for a key partner in the middle east. Iran , in every aspect, can be a by far best partner to americanise the middle east.John Bolton, US ambassador to UN said on iran that iran has reached a pre revoulunary stage and that “we should not confine our effort only to advocacy but we should give meaningful support to change this regime.”

so let not be intrigued by the liar media. let see the events through the power of our reasoning and lens of our conscience. As Barack Obama said let the events be determined by the people of Iran.
let the world be in line with this comments.

4. llkjljs - July 22, 2009

mizan, your comments are very thoughtful, elaborate and spot on.

I was about to say that indeed it is just western media propaganda and political manipulations behind the scenes that caused this ‘upsurge’.

Iran is the only Muslim country to send satellites to space on its own rockets and also capable of making more than millions of automobiles annually despite hideous sanctions and embargos and political actions from the despicable western world.

Prior to this year’s election related protests caused by agents of the western world, Iran also performed brilliantly in international contests for mathematics, physics, programming at various levels.

Iran also makes many of its own armaments if not most of it. Iran also makes parts or components of computers (laptop/desktop), mobile phones and has high rates of university graduates, where more women than men actually graduate from in Islamic Republic of Iran.

Also Iran has strong scientific and technological sectors and despite sanctions and artificial blockades created by the Western world, Iran is one of the rising powers in scientific publications in their own western journals!

Imagine if we nonwestern Muslims/nonmuslims had a number of nonwestern journals to which we subscribed and mostly promulgated/published!

Iran’s true talent and potential could have been displayed, taking many of its ardent critics and naysayers by surprise Inshallah.

In history too, Iran is very rich, and many of the most notable Islamic scholars of the past were also from Iran/Persia, which includes Ibn Sina, Al Razi (most Bangladeshis should’ve heard these two names for contributions to medicine, as pharma company/hospitals in bangladesh have the same name!), Al Khwarazmi (after whom the english word ‘algorithm’ is named) and whose work “hisab al jabr wal muqubala’ led to the english term ‘algebra’.

Biomedicine, chemicals, food processing, electronics, armaments, automotives, banking/finance etc are some of Iran’s notable industries and that’s all achieved due to Islamic rule in Iran only during last few decades despite constant Western threats, interference, propaganda, blockades and what not!

Iran is rich in culture, history, science, religion, talents and shouldn’t falter at Western schemes.

5. mizan - July 30, 2009

i got the message you wrote. i am convinced.
thank you

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