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Bangladesh Budget 2009-10 and Digital Bangladesh June 23, 2009

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Vision was projected in the introduction of the Budget Speech to develop Bangladesh as Digital Bangladesh by 2021 in line with forcast of the Prime Minister’s declaration in the party manifesto.

For this, Budget attached priority for building necessary infrastructure for Digital Bangladesh. In order to realise the vision of building Digital Bagladesh , Budget asked ICT facillities to those who are living in rural areas. To this end, the Government like to ensure internet connectivity and opportunities for the best use of information and communication technology. It has a
plan to bring the least advantaged communities under the coverage of telephone and internet connectivity by extending its network and reducing the charges. The Government is on the way in bringing all Upazilas within internet coverage in the next five years.
In order to have secured connectivity with the information super highway there is an initiative to
connect Bangladesh with the Second
Submarine Cable Network. It is said that comissioning of digital exchange at Upazilla and growth centres has largely been completed. The remaining ones will be
commissioned in the next year. To facilitate internet connectivity across the country, laying of fibre
optical line will be completed in the next year. At the same time, an access network will be built covering 23
districts including 6 divisional headquarters.
FM pleased to inform that the teledensity in the
country has increased to 32 per hundred from 28 per hundred in the last year. While the internet user density has increased from 3 per hundred to 4 per hundred.

It is said that digital information echnology is widely used in the processing and compilation of budget and
accounts related data and information. It is good that Integrated Budgeting and Accounting System (iBAS) was introduced in FY 2007-08 and with this it is now ensured generation of timely and accurate reports. Currently, 58 District Accounts Offices including the Divisional Accounts Offices are connected through a Wide Area Network. Financial data and information are being sent directly to the capital from remote accounting locations through this system. It is said that in future, this information technology will be expanded further to cover all Upazilas across the country. This process will make public spending and use of resources more transparent and will ensure accountability.

The Budget acknowledged that there is a need to encourage science and technology education to keep pace with global and technological advances. In
order to build digital Bangladesh, the Government want to develop a ICT-skill work force. The Government, therefore, committed to introduce compulsory computer and technical education at secondary and primary levels by 2013 and 2021 respectively.

The concerned ministries are now working on a detailed work plan on the ICT Policy of the Government. The Government wants to transform to e-governance by 2014 and initiate e-commerce by 2012. Bangladesh Computer Association and Bangladesh Association for Software Information Services (BASIS) has been associated for preparing a specific work plan. The Government plans to introduce computerized system in every government office during its term of office and target a benchmark of 4000 computer engineers and scientists graduating each year from the last year of their tenure.

To render better and efficient services to the people
traditional file-based administrative work in the public sector needs to be transformed into e-government/digital government. The
national ICT Road Map is being worked out to achieve this goal. Top priority is given for exporting computer software and developing IT-skilled human resources in the service sector. The Government will
enhance incentives for software industries and also promote the use of indigenous software in government and non-government sectors.

Beyond these, enhancement of opportunities for basic
research relating to science and technology will be one of the most important activities in this area, Budget says.The Government is preparing a comprehensive programme for helping reputed researchers to undertake their research work and scholarly work in science. The Government has doubled the allocation made on research work in mathematics, life-science and physical science. It is said the allocation for this sector will increase further.

Finance Minister proposes to allocate Tk. 100 crore to meet the emergency expenditure in the ICT sector. He also proposes to enhance the amount of the existing Equity Entrepreneurship Fund relating to ICTpromotion
from Tk. 100 crore to Tk. 200 crore.

To introduce automated system of tax collection on modern technology in order to build Digital Bangladesh, it is proposed to provide facilities for 1) submitting online return for income tax 11) for easy availabilty of computers and laptops 111) development of software industry
Budget also proposes to withdraw Vat on the internet service used in educational institutions to keep the service within the reach of students and also to signify commitment towards building Digital Bangladesh.

Budget also said to create separate ICT wing in NBR along with the ICT Commissurate towards building Digital Bangladesh.
Budget hopes that this steps will turn the vision of PM for Digital Bangladesh into reality.

The ordinary citizen/s will wait to see how far the commitments expressed in the budget are materialised and see the light of the day.

An ordinary citizen


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It is said that commissioning of digital exchange at Upazilla and growth centers has largely been completed. The remaining ones will be commissioned in the next year.

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