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The Face of Neo-Colonialism July 15, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, International Affairs.
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For long, I had an innocent idea that the age of colonialism  was over as we have become more civilised and modern with time.

But a recent discussion on a TV show by some academicians shattered my idea. According to them, the colonialism is not over, only the face has been changed.

In earlier days, physically conquering  other territories was thought to be as an act of colonialism. If we consider the colonialism as keeping control over the other countries, then this control has changed from physical sense to economic and financial.

Now, no country in the world will go and try to keep another country by mere physical force or by the force of military. It is not that such attempts are not made in the recent past. But they failed and had to withdraw their forces and under the process of withdrawing their forces from those territories.

But I am more concern with the present economic colonialism. By economic colonialism we understand that making a targeted country depended on the economic support provided by the bigger countries and dictating the economic policies of that country and keeping the country ever so. By political colonialism, we mean dictating  the state and political politcies of the targeted countries by the bigger countries.

To me, this tendency of economic and political colonialism is increasing with the emegence of new political mights in the world.


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1. John Ryan Recabar - July 15, 2009

this has been an old topic of discussion even during my undergraduate years in the university. and it’s just so sad that most of the students in the philippines, especially those who declare themselves progressive, have not proposed new solution to the problems but have continually blamed history for the present state of the country.

i know it neocolonialism has to do with it, to a certain degree, but it will not be productive if nothing is done but a never ending finger pointing.

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