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A George Mia and independence of Judiciary in Bangladesh September 6, 2009


In relation to 21st August, 2004 bomb blast event, a George Mia was accused and arrested which later on found to be falsely implicated to save the actual culprits of the murder attempt on the opposition leader and present PM Sk  Hasina. Dozens of leaders and workers died on the spot and many injured, the spot turned into a hell, though the PM survived luckily.

George Mia later released but in a recent news he said that he is feeling unsafe and afraid of his own life.

The Government has decided to reinvestigate the whole episode of 21st August to bring the culprits and their patrons to book. Demand also raised to find out the wrongdoers who knowingly involve George Mia in the case.

I was recently listening to a discussion, where to a question to an expert whether a new George Mia will not be created, he couldn’t give any guaranty, the answer points to the frustration over the independence of our judiaciary, though it is said to be separated from the executive.

An ordinary citizen


1. Abu Galib - December 7, 2009

We need positive change in the mentality of our Magistaes. Then we can expect honesty, sincerity, objectivity and impartiality from those Magistrates. But changing the mind is much more difficult than mine.

Our Magistrates are mentally ready to do this?

Secondly, The Police, we better call foolish/hellish character, particularly in most of our Investigation are biased/ corrupt/insincere/unaccountable.
But these guys are also talking about their Police Ordinance, 2007. Just Separation of police. When govt closely monitors their activity, govt is succumbed to make the police neutraly active, but if they are independent, people are to leave the country. Bangladesh will be a Police State, A State of Torture

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